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2' Mini Infrared Asphalt Heater - RY2X2 (tank sold separately)
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Asphalt Roller
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Asphalt Tamper Tool 8in x 8in Steel
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36" Asphalt Lute
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Asphalt patching is an important task when it comes to asphalt maintenance. Fixing a pothole will prevent the hole from becoming larger; it will also help prevent any damages to the cars and trucks that drive over the pothole. Whether you're doing a cold patch or a hot asphalt patch, Asphalt Kingdom has the supplies you need for successful asphalt repairs.

Looking for parts and accessories for your patching equipment? We have them in stock and ready to ship! We've got the asphalt patching tools and equipment you need to fill holes in asphalt quickly and professionally. Need to fill cracks in pavement? Visit our Asphalt Crack Repair center.

Not sure what asphalt patching equipment you need? We can help.

Complete your asphalt maintenance arsenal with the Asphalt Kingdom patching equipment and power tools.