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AK4000 2-ton Asphalt Hot Box


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The AK4000 Hot Asphalt Box holds 2 tons of hot asphalt. Heated by two Tiger Torches.

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Keeps 2 tons of hot asphalt mix ready to go on the job site.

Delivery takes approximately 20 business days.

The Bottom Line

An Asphalt Kingdom Exclusive! You won't find this product anywhere else. We've custom-designed it based on feedback from you!

You can keep having income coming in over the winter -- patching and pothole repair can be done all year long with this asphalt hot box!

Keep asphalt hot and ready to use with this two-ton hot box. Designed to slide into the back of any heavy-duty pickup truck or to be mounted on a flatbed trailer, you'll be able to keep asphalt hot all day up to 14 hours.

The asphalt hot box features a sloped reservoir designed to feed asphalt toward the 16"-wide shovel port, and insulated exterior walls and lid. It has high temperature paint inside and out, so your box looks good on the job site.

This asphalt heater is skid-mounted for easy loading with a fork lift, and includes four tie down attachments permanently welded at four corners for securing to a vehicle. An attachable shovel tray is included.

Asphalt is heated with a 150,000 BTU torch.

High temperature paint inside & out.

Dimensions60" wide x 60" long x 50" high
Weight (empty)845 lbs
Weight (filled)4,845 lbs
Capacity2 tons (4,000 lbs)
Inner Hot Box Walls14 gauge
Outer Hot Box Walls16 gauge
Shovel Tray12 gauge
HeatingTwo 150,000 BTU torches
Exterior WallHeavy-duty reinforced steel
Miscellaneous Features
  • Insulated exterior walls & lid to keep asphalt hot.
  • Sloped asphalt reservoir designed to feed asphalt toward the 16” wide shovel port.
  • High temperature paint on outside.

AK4000 2-ton Asphalt Hot Box The AK4000 Asphalt Hot Box keeps your asphalt hot and ready at the job site. Convenient torch assembly. Free shipping and no sales tax. AK4000 AK4000 2-ton Asphalt Hot Box 5980 Asphalt Kingdom
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