Pothole Hunting Package

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A pothole hunting package that will jumpstart your asphalt maintenance business and become your year-round moneymaker.

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Complete asphalt pothole patching package handpicked for new asphalt maintenance contractors.
  • Handpicked all-in-one pro package
  • Keeps you profitable all year long
  • Best-in-class for pothole patching
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Mini Infrared Asphalt Heater

Achieve versatile infrared repairs with multiple configurations! Patch potholes, smooth out birdbaths, and fix large asphalt cracks while efficiently addressing mid-size pavement defects like catch basins.

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AK4000 2-Ton Asphalt Hot Box with Trailer Option

Experience the power and convenience of the AK4000 2-Ton Asphalt Hot Box, the best option to 4 ton trailer, the go-to choice for contractors seeking fast, dependable, and easy-to-use equipment.

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6.5 HP Plate Compactor with 5-Gallon Water Tank

A durable gas-powered 6.5 HP vibratory plate compactor equipped with a 5-gallon water tank. Plate compactors are the unsung heroes in every contractor or DIYer's toolkit, tirelessly compacting soil, sand, gravel, and smoothing asphalt post-repair. Unveil the power of top-tier vibratory plate compactors, crucial for flawless asphalt care.

Asphalt Millings Rejuvenator
Add this asphalt millings rejuvenator to your infrared heat patches and recycled asphalt to restore binders and black color for a longer-lasting and beautiful asphalt patch.
Asphalt Rake

Use the Asphalt Rake's long teeth side to conveniently rake asphalt to the desired spots and the flat side to level the asphalt surface evenly.

36" Asphalt Light Lute
The 36" Asphalt Lute is ideal for asphalt leveling, pothole repairs and patching. Made with magnesium head and aluminum handle to provide durability.
Asphalt Tamper Tool
8" x 8" asphalt tamper tool for tamping down fresh asphalt patch.