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42" Handicap Stencil

42" Handicap Stencil

42 Handicap Stencil

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The 42" handicap stencil is one of the larger handicap stencils that meets industry standards. It measures 37" by 42" and can be placed in any spot that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Each specification is made to match all industry standards and meets factory direct requirements. The material that makes up the stencil is 48" in height by 48" wide, allowing a square shape for ease of placement. Stripers can use this handicap symbol for any standard placement, including stalls, parking spots, wheelchair accessible ramps and more.

This stencil is made in the USA and is guaranteed to be free of any blemishes upon delivery. The warranty promises that there will be no defects that can hinder or impede the product’s full intentional use in any way. The stencil should be able to be laid flat right out of the box, allowing for a durable and perfect spray job. Ensure that the color will stick and continue to provide contrast against the payment by using a pavement approved paint, such as that from Sherwin Williams.

Decide what type of project you will need the handicap stencil for in order to determine what grade material it should be made in. The sizes and thicknesses are broken down by durability and longevity of your project. If you just need the stencil for a one-time or sparing use, the .030" HIPS might be the best option. It is ultra thin, but is still durable and will hold still while you spray. The next thickness is 1/16" LDPE, which is lightweight and can be used multiple times. Heavier projects will require the use of the ?" LDPE, which is the PRO-Grade industry standard and can be used and abused many times without showing signs of wear. The heaviest duty material is the .080" ALU, which will last indefinitely.

Stencil Width37"
Stencil Height42"
Shipping Width37"
Shipping Length43"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight10 lbs

42" Handicap Stencil This 42-inch Handicap Stencil is ADA Compliant. Made from heavy duty plastic . Free shipping! c-5300-042 42 57.67 Asphalt Kingdom
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