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The 42" arrow combo kit stencil is a factory direct product that supplies stripers with a variety of arrows and arrow shapes that can be used for a great number of standard and regulated projects. The stencil kit is designed for stripers who have a beginner’s experience with arrows, but need something quick, reliable, and versatile. The kit comes with three separate stencils: an arrow head, an arrow turn tail, and an arrow straight tail. Each stencil is of a different measurement for further versatility. The specifications are in alignment with all job standards and are as follows: the material width ofthe arrow head is 26", while the height is 26". The material width of the turn tail is 21". The height of the turn tail is 38", and its height is 38". The straight tail measures 14" wide by 26" high. The painted imprint of the stencil will leave a tail stroke of 8" and a width of 42".

This arrow stencil kit is convenient not only for beginners who need a versatile and easy to use arrow kit, but also for those who don’t want to spend money buying two separate arrow kits. The flexibility of this kit lies with the fact that it comes with both a curve and a straight tail, allowing for several different arrow options. Any project can be completed with this arrow kit, such as right turn signals, public driveways, roundabouts, and more.

Each arrow can be made in the .080 ALU, ?" LDPE, 1/16" LDPE or .030" HIPS grades for a variety of durable options. The common industry standard is the PRO-Grade LDPE, which lays flat and guarantees thousands of uses before showing signs of wear and tear. Apply any material width to your arrow to guarantee its longevity and flexibility to accommodate any project.

Stencil Width42"
Stencil Height"
Shipping Width42"
Shipping Length26"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight10 lbs

42" ARROW COMBO KIT Stencil Get free shipping on 42-inch ARROW COMBO KIT Stencil. A straight arrow and a turn arrow are included in this kit. PRO-Grade LDPE reusable plastic. In stock. c-4332-042 42 72.27 Asphalt Kingdom
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