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42" TURN ARROW Stencil

42" TURN ARROW Stencil

42 TURN ARROW Stencil

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For a simple and easy to use arrow stencil, consider the 42" turn arrow stencil. It is a medium to large sized arrow that is great for covering up older smaller arrows and adding new directions to a road. This stencil is typically used for driveways, turn lanes, parking lots, exit directions and more. Beginning stripers and advanced stripers alike can use this arrow for a variety of projects, and will love the easy to use application.

The stencil comes with one large piece that measures 42" wide by 30" high, meeting all industry standards. The tail stroke of the arrow is 8" when painted. The material itself measures 48" wide by 36" high, so make sure you give yourself plenty of room for placement and overspray. The stencil can be delivered to your doorstep the next day to help kick your project into motion as soon as you need it. Each stencil comes with a guarantee that it will be free of any signs of wear or any defects that could impede it from being used to its full potential.

Choose from a variety of material grades to construct your stencil out of. There are four options that offer varying degrees of sturdiness and affordability that can add a lot of benefit to your specific project. If you are planning on using the stencil for several roads, driveways, and more, you might want to invest in the industry standard 1/8" PRO-Grade LDPE. This is the most cost effective option that can last you over seven years if properly stored. Reuse your stencil thousands of times before it shows any signs of wear and tear. If you are only using the stencil a few times, or are planning for sparing use, the 1/16" LDPE is a flexible option. It is the counterpart to the PRO-Grade, and offers a thinner material that can be easily transported. It is still durable enough to sit in place while you spray paint, offering affordability if you are looking for a one-time use.

Stencil Width42"
Stencil Height30"
Shipping Width42"
Shipping Length36"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight8.4 lbs

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