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62" TURN ARROW Stencil

62" TURN ARROW Stencil


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62" TURN ARROW Stencil

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62 TURN ARROW Stencil

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For a versatile and useful stencil, invest in the 62" turn arrow. This is a common stencil that is found on most parking aisles, drive thru lanes, and roadways with a speed limit of 25 mph or below. This arrow is large in size and offers crisp and clear readability against the pavement. Contractors can use this stencil to give clear direction to drivers and passersby. It is made in America and offers a warranty that guarantees the product to be delivered without any defects or impediments.

Choose one of four material grade options that make up the stencil. The most common material is the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE, which is a durable and reliable material that most industry professionals would recommend. Reuse it thousands of times over several years without worry. For something lighter duty, the 1/16" LDPE is flexible without sacrificing durability. It is the twin of the PRO-Grade LDPE with half of the thickness. It is good for custom or infrequent projects. An ultra-thin option is the .030" HIPS, which is a PVC economy material that is affordable if you’re only interested in a custom job. The most durable material available is the .080" ALU, a solid aluminum that is indestructible.

The measurements of the stencil meet all industry standards and are Federally approved for slow roadways and parking lots. The arrow measures 62" in width and 40" in height when painted, adding a tail stroke of 13" for added clarity. The material itself measures 68" in width by 46" in height, giving over 6" of space around all sides of the stencil to allow for overspray and durable placement during application. This arrow is used for larger projects and can easily cover up an older or smaller turn arrow in any lane or parking garage. It can be delivered to your doorstep the next day so you can start your striping project as early as possible.

Stencil Width 62"
Stencil Height 40"
Shipping Width 62"
Shipping Length 46"
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Weight 15.2 lbs

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62" TURN ARROW Stencil The 62-inch TURN ARROW Stencil is great for larger parking lots, parking garages, or drive ways. PRO-Grade LDPE. In stock and free shipping! c-4331-062 62 86.87 Asphalt Kingdom