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28" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background

28" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background


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28" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background

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28 DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background

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The 28" DOT handicap stencil with a background is a small stencil that leans on the smaller side of industry standards, but is still approved for use in most parking spaces and lots. Make repeated use out of this two-piece stencil by using it to design parking stalls that handicapped drivers and customers can easily access. The specifications of the stencils are ADA compliant and are as follows: The width and height of the stencil itself are 42" square, while the material measures 48" wide by 48" high. Both pieces of the stencil are guaranteed to be free of any blemishes as part of its warranty.

When deciding which material to make the two-piece handicap stencil out of, it is important to consider not only affordability but reliability as well. The most recommended material for this handicap stencil is the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE, which commonly allows for it to be reused hundreds or thousands of times before showing any signs of wear. With proper care, this stencil can last for over seven years. Another durable option is the .080 ALU, which is more expensive up front but saves you time and money in the long run as it will never show any signs of wear. Use it an infinite amount of times and each use will feel just as durable and fresh as the very first time.

The stencils should be spray painted in order, according to industry standards. The square background stencil is placed first, and is sprayed blue for a color that stands out well against the black tar of the parking lot. Next, the handicap symbol is placed on top of it and sprayed white, making for even more vibrancy and color. The stencil will lay flat out of the box, guaranteeing simple use and ease of access for your one-time or multiple-time needs.

Stencil Width 42"
Stencil Height 42"
Shipping Width 42"
Shipping Length 48"
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Weight 22.4 lbs

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28" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background 28-inch DOT Handicap Stencil with Background, easy to use 2 piece handicap stencil. In stock and free shipping! c-5302-028 28 129.94 Asphalt Kingdom