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30" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Backgound

30" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Backgound


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30" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Backgound

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30 DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Backgound

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For an industry standard handicap stencil that comes with a background and fits perfectly in a parking space, try the 30" DOT handicap stencil with background for ease of use. The simple design allows for any professional striper to acheive a perfect paint job, and comes in a variety of affordable material options. To start, place the background square flat on the pavement, which measures 42" by 42". It is recommended that the background is painted blue to meet most state and local handicap parking spot requirements. Afterwards, place the handicap symbol on top, centering it accordingly and spraying it with white paint. Use a pavement approved paint to ensure that the color and vibrancy will last a long time. Each of the blue and bordered handicap stencils measure 42" by 42" for a perfect square shape.

Select one of four material grade options for this stencil. The 0.080 ALU will last indefinitely, guaranteeing that it will never wear or warp over time. This stencil material is the most cost effective if you plan on using the stencil very frequently over a long period of time. Reuse it thousands and thousands of times without it ever needing to be replaced or straightened. It will always lie flat in the box for simple use.

The ?" LDPE is the next most durable material, allowing the striper to use it for up to a decade if properly maintained. This is the industry standard PRO-Grade material for most common and standard projects. The 1/16" LDPE and 0.030" HIPS are flexible and lightweight materials that are easy for transportation and one-time usage. If your handicap project is smaller than most Federal projects, this material is the most cost effective. The HIPS is made out of a PVC material which is extremely lightweight but still adds durability to withstand spray painting power.

Stencil Width 42"
Stencil Height 42"
Shipping Width 42"
Shipping Length 48"
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Weight 19.8 lbs

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30" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Backgound 30-inch DOT Handicap Stencil with Background, easy to use 2 piece handicap stencil. Made from LDPE plastic. Free shipping! c-5302-030 30 131.4 Asphalt Kingdom