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PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine

PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine

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  • Titan PowrLiner 850 Titan PowrLiner 850
  • Using the PowrLiner 850 to line stripe parking lots Using the PowrLiner 850 to line stripe parking lots
  • parking lot striping parking lot striping
  • Caster Assembly for PowrLiner 850 Caster Assembly for PowrLiner 850
  • Top Down View of Caster Assembly Top Down View of Caster Assembly
  • Trigger for Caster Assembly Trigger for Caster Assembly
  • Caster Assembly Attached Caster Assembly Attached
  • PowrLiner Caster Attachment PowrLiner Caster Attachment

PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine

Quick Overview

Compact striper with detachable gun for stencils. Great bang for your buck!

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PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine Compact striper with detachable gun for stencils. Great bang for your buck!
PL850 Front Wheel Cable Caster Assembly Easier manipulation of the PowrLiner 850 with this cable caster assembly.

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LaserPoint Single Laser Kit Single intense green laser helps guide your striping without taping off.
LaserPoint Twin Laser Guide Intense green lasers are visible during the day, helping you guide your re-striping.

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PowrLiner 850

2 Year Warranty!When you need a basic line striping machine for pavement or sports fields, the Titan’s PowrLiner 850 is the perfect airless paint sprayer with high-spraying pressure and a removable spray gun for stenciling. Designed to handle light, periodic spraying of small parking lots and spraying fields.

Add easier maneuverability with the front wheel caster assembly, an accessory exclusive to the PowrLiner 850.

Compatible with water-based paint.

The Bottom Line

Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer - Perfect for Line-Striping Small Parking Lots

Save 5% on paint when you purchase this Titan PowrLiner

Parking Lot Striping
Field Striping
parking lot paint

We're pleased to offer you the Wagner Speeflo PowrLiner series of line stripers. These machines produce crisp, precise lines and reduce overspray by up to 25%! That saves you money and time.

PowrLiner 850 is the ideal line striper for small-scale projects done on a periodic basis. This ultra-lightweight is one of the smallest, most affordable line stripers on the market today.

This is a great choice for small parking lots as well as athletic fields. At just 70 lbs, it can be stored easily, and moved easily too.

This model is designed to carry a 5-gallon pail of paint for maximum efficiency. Save time and get the job done fast. The Wagner airless paint sprayer features an adjustable front tire can be locked at any angle.

Equipped with a reversible striping tip, and a 50' long spray hose.

The Wagner airless paint sprayer PowrLiner850 will increase your per-linear-foot output and give your work a professional edge. Get started today!

Recommended for Light and Intermittent Duty on Small Parking Lots and Athletic Fields


  • Wagner Speedflo 850 in use.1.6 HP
  • 37.7cc
  • 0.33 GPM
  • 3000 PSI
  • .021" Max Tip Size
  • Simple, compact design weighs only 70 lbs - easy to use, transport and store
  • Powered by a powerful, dependable, easy-starting 126cc Subaru OHC Engine
  • Equipped with LX-40 spray gun and 1908 SC-6 Reversible Striping Tip
  • Includes ¼" ID x 50" anti-static spray hose
  • Designed to carry 5-gallon pail of paint
  • Adjustable front tire can be locked into any angle
  • Reversable Airless Tip
  • Full Stencilling capabilities
  • Full Spraying Capabilities
  • Pressure control adjuster


Note: The PowrLiner 850 can only spray water-based paints. To spray oil-based paints or to increase output-per-job, look at the Powrliner 1850 or larger models of line striping machines.

Customer Review

5 stars
"I received my titan 850 as you said. It was 44° and a had a steady wind. We assembled easily and went step by step through the manual setting it up. Within 30 minute's of it arriving on site we had it spraying lines. 2 hours later we had 35 lines down and that included lay out. I put trust in asphalt kingdom and titan to provide me with service and products that get jobs done and you have delivered.
Tyvm to all,
– Dave from All-Pro Paving
Titan Model Number 0290005
Maximum Spray Tip Size .019"
Maximum Paint Output .33 gallons per minute (1.3 liters per minute)
Maximum Spraying Speed* 106 linear feet (32.3 meters) per minute @ 1.2 miles per hour (1.9 kilometers per hour)
Possible Width of Lines 2 inches wide - 12 inches wide (5 centimeters - 30.5 centimeters)
Maximum Unit Operating Pressure 3000 psi (max)
Maximum Length of Hose 50 feet (15.2 meters)
Powered By 37.7 cc 4-Stroke Engine
Pump Drive Clutch Driven
Paint Outlet Filter - Element 60 mesh
Paint Outlet Filter - Filter Area 3 inches squared (19 cm2)
Gun Model (Airless) 550-540, LX40
Hose Model (Airless) 315-265, measuring 1/4" x 25' (7.5 m)
Airless Striping Tips (Supplied per Gun) 1 SC-6™ Striping Tip (part number 665-1908), 4" Line by .019" orifice
Weight- Unit 84 pounds (32 kilograms)
Shipping Weight 89 pounds (34 kilograms)
Dimensions of Unit As It Ships 24" High x 26" Wide x 46" Long (61 cm High x 66 cm Wide x 116 cm Long)
Coatings Compatibility reversible tip Works with almost all advanced, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) waterborne traffic paints
Common Applications Light-duty parking line striping and athletic field striping
Notes *Based on 4" (10 cm) line @ 15 mil wet film thickness and 320 linear feet per gallon coverage.

Download the QuickStart Guide here.

Download the Start-Up and Shut-Down Procedures.

Need help with your PowrLiner? Just call 1-800-526-5362 opt: 2.

An overview of the PowrLiner 850

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PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine The PowrLiner 850 Wagner airless paint sprayer is perfect for small-to-medium sized line striping jobs. Extremely easy to operate and ships free! 0290005_grouped PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine 1437.6 Asphalt Kingdom