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50-foot 1/4-inch Airless Hose


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50-foot 1/4-inch Airless Hose

Quick Overview

High quality 50-foot airless hose in a solid urethane cover. Perfect for paint or lacquer.
Solid urethane airless hose that is easy to coil and uncoil. Designed for paint and lacquer.

The Bottom Line

This Titan-Brand hose is designed by professionals who know the cost of a burst or clogged hose. Solid urethane construction means it can take a lot of pressure and will remain easy to coil and uncoil.

  • Nylon braid within the hose is bonded to a urethane cover for maximal flexibility and resistance to kinks.
  • Achieve proper grounding with this conductive tube.
  • Resists wear and tear with a highly durable cover that also resists against abrasions.

Always Have a Back Up Hose

If you're painting professionally, you'll want a back-up airless hose just in case something goes wrong. Whether your existing hose gets clogged or damaged, a back-up will have you up and running without needing to run to a store. This is also a matter of safety because you shouldn't use a hose once it's damaged—you can be injured and your surroundings can get covered in paint—so it's imperative to have an extra hose.

Replacing Your Airless Hose

You should monitor the state of your hose to make sure there aren't any kinks, cracks, or bulges. If there are, you should replace your hose immediately. To keep your airless hose in optimal condition, you should keep in mind the hose's PSI rating and temperature so you don't exceed them. Use the proper cleaning solvents that go with your hose's material, and do not pull on the airless hose to move your sprayer.

Add Length for Bigger Jobs

If you have a large painting job but don't want to move your sprayer along with you the entire way, adding another hose to your existing one is a quick way to get further reach without the expense of a much longer hose.

Dimensions (W x D x H) 11 x 4.2 x n/a
Weight 3.5 lbs

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50-foot 1/4-inch Airless Hose Solid urethane airless hose that is easy to coil and uncoil. 50 feet long by one-quarter inch diameter. Free shipping and no sales tax. 316-505 50-foot 1/4-inch  Airless Hose 95 Asphalt Kingdom