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Powrliner Spray Tip

Powrliner Spray Tip


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  • Powrliner Spray Tip Powrliner Spray Tip
  • Initial Spray Pattern Initial Spray Pattern
  • Spray Pattern after 50 Gallons Spray Pattern after 50 Gallons

Powrliner Spray Tip

Quick Overview

Replacement tips for your Powrliner Line Striper, with the industry's best performing fan pattern. Sharp edges and less overspray than the competition.

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Rebate or Free GoodsNew Titan TR1 Tips! Get the industry's best performing fan pattern with TR1 tip technology. Consistent line width from the first gallon to the last. Razor-sharp lines!

The market has spoken and we have heard you loud and clear. no math is required to read the new TR1 line striping tips. We are now utilizing an easy-to-read 3 digit numbering system aimed to improve and simplify your buying experience. Going forward, a 417 striping tip indicates a 4" stripe with a .017" orifice. (The first digit is the pattern in inches; the next two digits are the orifice size.) Easy!

Our new tips are available in sizes for all typical striping applications. Tip sizes will fit into 2", 4", 6", and 8" widths with orifice sizes up to .043".

These tips have the rounded TR1 style tip flag. The color of the flag is now white to differentiate our tips from the competition.

Shipping extra. Minimum 3 tips.

The Bottom Line

Works with:

  • PowrLiner 800 Line Striping Machine
  • PowrLiner 1800M Line Striping Machine
  • PowrLiner 2800M Line Striping Machine
  • PowrLiner 4900xlt Line Striping Machine
  • PowrLiner 8900xlt Line Striping Machine.
Dimensions 3.6" W x 5.5" D x 1.1" H
Weight 1 lb

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Powrliner Spray Tip Powrliner Linestriper Spray Tips: replacement part for Wagner Titan Speeflo Powrliner Line Striping Machines. 697-xxx Powrliner Spray Tip 52.5 Asphalt Kingdom