PowrLiner PL3500S Striping Machine

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The PowrLiner 3500S is a top-of-the-line striping machine that includes a dedicated stencil gun, can spray latex and oil-based paints and with the industry's longest warranty — 4 years! Read more
Premium airless line striper designed for some serious line striping and stenciling.
  • Includes a dedicated stencil gun
  • Fewer parts mean less maintenance
  • Improved maneuverability
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Add These To Minimize Your Effort!

LaserPoint TWIN Laser Kit

Intense green lasers are visible during the day, helping you guide your re-striping.

LaserPoint Single Laser Kit

LaserPoint Single intense green laser kit visible during the day and helps guide your line striping at night. More than 50% increase in productivity as it won't require without taping off the surface for restripes and new striping jobs. Universal mounting which is compatible and easy to mount for walk behind line striping machines and equipment.


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As an asphalt maintenance contractor, we understand that your standards are high, and only the best will do when it comes to equipment. That's why we created the Titan Powrliner 3500S Line Striping Machine.

High-Performance Paint Application

Don't you just hate it when the line striper you're using cannot dispense paint properly because of poor pressure or leaks paint all over the work area? With the Powrliner 3500S, you'll get crisp and clean lines during each operation minus the hassles!

This striping machine is equipped with the Flatline Pulsation Dampener™ which reduces vibration and keeps the pressure stable throughout the operation. This feature helps prevent paint from hourglassing, so you'll get sharp, straight lines every time.

It is powered by a Honda GX120 Engine with a convenient oil alert system. Its smooth performance means less vibration, so each parking lot and road line comes out straight every time. It's not exactly whisper-quiet, but the good news is that it's not as noisy compared to other engines, so you don't need to wear mufflers or annoy the neighbors every time you stripe a parking lot.

Painting a handicap parking sign or a No Parking sign? Apply paint with ease with the paint striping machine's dedicated RX-80 stencil gun and long airless hose. The stencil gun features an ergonomic design that makes stenciling all day long a breeze. It also comes with a long-lasting TR1 striping tip that produces clean and sharp lines.

Experience an Efficient Line Striping Operation

We know how annoying it is to stop every time your line striping machine breaks down. Downtime means you won't be able to fulfill your promise to the property owner that you'll finish within the deadline, and that can cost you money and customers.

That's why we designed the Powrliner 3500S with groundbreaking PermaStroke Technology™. It has two durable cartridge-style inlet and outlet valves which can be serviced on the field. It can also be changed using the tools you already have in your toolbox. Say goodbye to piston parts and packings that easily wear out and are hard to find.

The Sureflo™ Pusher Valve ensures that priming the machine is a breeze. Save time and money with this line striper's sealed hydraulic system which does not come with clutches or electronics that need to be maintained or replaced frequently.

The paint striper machine's frame and wheels are made to last. The unit is fitted with 16" pneumatic tires that dampen the vibration caused by rough surfaces.

A Hassle-Free Line Striping Operation

Every inch of the Titan Powrliner 3500S Line Striping Machine is designed for the operator's convenience. The dashboard is placed directly in front of the operator so they can control the machine with a simple touch of a fingertip. It has a swing-back design for improved maneuverability no matter the surface.


  • 1 RX-80 airless paint sprayer gun
  • 1 RX-80 gun with 18" extension
  • 1 TR1 line striping tip
  • 1 SC-6+ stenciling tip
  • 1/4" x 50" Airless Hose
  • 1/4" x 12' Airless Hose

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Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom

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Ready To ShipNo
Shipping Weight273 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)69" x 37.3" x 49.3"
Weight (Empty Unit)201 lbs
Dimension (Empty Unit)65" x 32.5" x 39.5"
Titan Model Number2417440
Warranty4 years
Engine and Power SourceHonda GX120 with Pull Start
Gun(s) Included1
Maximum Spray Tip Size0.021"
Maximum Operating Pressure3300 PSI (max)
Maximum Spraying Speed400 linear feet
Pump DriveClutchless Sealed Hydraulic
Airless Hose Included - Gun 11/4" x 50'
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