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Titan Spray Shield

Titan Spray Shield


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  • Titan Spray Shield on the PowrLiner 550 Titan Spray Shield on the PowrLiner 550

Titan Spray Shield

Quick Overview

Protect your spray from the wind when linestriping with this spray shield. Line striper sold separately.

Titan’s Spray Shield is an essential accessory for any line striping device. It will block the wind and ensure your lines look great regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. You can add the spray shield to your line striping machine at the time of purchase or buy one for use with a machine you currently own.

Keeping the wind away from lines you are striping not only improves the crispness of the lines. A Titan Spray Shield gives you protection from gusts and breezes, limiting overspray and reducing your material costs.

The Titan Spray Shield can be installed on your line striping machine easily using a standard clamping bracket that gets mounted to the horizontal rod that encases the machine’s spray gun assembly. The adjustable wind guard gives you easy access for on-the-fly width changes with no tools required. You can adjust it to 4", 6" or 8", and put it on or take it off with ease. At just 5.5 lbs., it's sturdy but won't weigh you down.

This spray shield improves the quality of your sports field markings regardless of the height of the grass. In addition, it’s an effective way to reduce drift when painting lines on pavement during high wind conditions.

You’ll enjoy the following benefits when you use the Titan Spray Shield:
  • Protects spray pattern from heavy wind conditions for a crisper result
  • Reduces overspray
  • Cuts down on wasted materials, lowering your costs
  • Easily adjustable so that you can change line widths instantly
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Great for use with diluted athletic field marking paints
  • Works with all Titan lines striping machines and compatible with many other brands
  • Shields are spring-loaded to improve results on uneven surfaces
  • Effective on rough terrain and tall grass
  • Lightweight

The Titan Spray Shield is one of the easiest ways to protect your spray from the wind. The superior results make this well worth the investment.

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Titan Spray Shield Protect your spray from the wind when line striping fields or parking lots with the lightweight Titan Spray Shield. 0290623 Titan Spray Shield 225 Asphalt Kingdom