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Line Striper Maintenance Kit

Line Striper Maintenance Kit

Package Price: $93.99

Includes Titan Tip Clean, Piston Lube, and extra TR2 spray tips for your line striper.

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Tip Clean


4 oz Bottle Piston Lube


1708/517 (for Powrliner 550 or 850)


This Line Striper Maintenance Kit has the essentials you need to maintain your line striping machine and keep it in prime working condition.

A bottle of Titan Tip Clean helps you to clean and remove paint residue from your spray tips. If you don’t clean the paint from your spray tips, paint residue can build up and clog your spray tips. Clogged spray tips means poor, uneven spraying. The good news is that with Tip Clean, your tips don’t have to be that way! Simply put your spray tips inside the top half of the bottle, close the top and flip the bottle upside down. The tip cleaner will envelop your spray tips and flow around and inside the tips. This will clean and remove any leftover paint from the inside of your tips. Place the bottle upright to return the Tip Clean to the bottom reservoir.

With Piston Lube, you can keep your line striper’s piston working beautifully and will prevent early wear and tear. It will prevent any excess paint or leaking paint from drying on the line striper’s piston, and will help to dissolve any dried paint on the displacement rods.

The Titan TR2 Tip gives you 2 spray widths on one tip, making it a time-saver for when you need to switch between wide and narrow spray widths. This reversible spray tip is easy to clean, and having backups is always good so you can have a working tip while your other tip(s) are soaking in the Tip Clean.

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