PowrLiner 4500 Striping Machine

  • Newest striping technology
  • Two guns for stenciling and painting
  • Ideal for mid-sized projects
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Titan's newest line striping technology: the two-gun PL4500 is simple to operate and consistently produces fine lines. With 4-Year Warranty, the longest warranty in the industry! Read more

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Applying sharp and clean lines on a parking lot is easier with the PowrLiner 4500 line striping machine. This paint striping machine is designed for established contractors who frequently service small to mid-sized properties. But this machine is not just for parking lots. It is designed for paint application and stenciling on asphalt and concrete pavements, as well as turf and sports fields. Compatible with Water-based paint and Oil-based paint.

  • 4 Year warranty
  • Newest striping technology
  • Two guns for stenciling and painting
  • Ideal for mid-sized projects

The striping machine features fewer parts for reduced maintenance. It is equipped with PermaStroke Technology™, allowing you to apply paint at the right pressure without needing pistons, cylinders, and clutches that often need to be replaced when they wear out. Plus, the sealed hydraulic system does not come with parts that easily burn out.

You have different stripers working for you — that's why the unit is equipped with DeadLock Handlebars. This feature allows each user to adjust the handlebars according to their heights for a more comfortable line striping operation. With the DeadLock Handlebars, you can adjust it in or out, as well as up or down.

The PowrCenter™ dashboard allows you to reach and control the unit's pressure control knob and cup holder with ease. Painting lines on rough asphalt or uneven ground is a breeze with its 16" pneumatic tires.

Striping double lines? That's possible with the PowrLiner 4500's 2-gun design. And when it comes to stenciling, precision is key. That's why it is equipped with a removable gun to make stenciling easier and allow you to access hard-to-reach areas.

Priming the striping machine is easier with the Sureflo™ Pusher Valve. Plus, it comes with a FlatLine Pulsation Dampener™ for a more consistent paint pressure.

Equipped with a Honda® GX160 engine with convenient low oil alert. Product Warranty of 4 years, the longest warranty in the industry!


  • 2 spray guns
  • 2 line striping tips
  • 3 airless hoses of different sizes
  • SC-6+ 517 reversible tip

Titan's newest line striping technology: stencil or spray double lines with just one machine.

SmartArm™ Gun Boom

Upgrade to the pivoting SmartArm™ gun boom to make adjustments on the fly. This allows you to switch from parking lot lines to striping curbs in seconds. Take a look at how easy it is to adjust:

When you're done, the spray guns fold up on the PowrLiner 4500 SmartArm™ for easy storage and transport.

Want to work faster and more comfortably?

Go further and faster by adding a Titan LazyLiner Elite or Titan LazyLiner Pro self-propelling seat. Stripe lines on parking lots, athletic fields, warehouses, and more in comfort.

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Shipping Weight (PL4500-Standard) 309 lbs
Shipping Weight (PL4500 with Smart Arm) 313 lbs
Shipping Dimension 69" x 37.3" x 49.3"
Weight-Empty Unit (PL4500-Standard) 222 lbs
Weight-Empty Unit (PL4500 with Smart Arm) 227 lbs
Dimension (Empty Unit) 73" x 32" x 43.4"
Titan Model Number (PL4500-Standard) 2407313
Titan Model Number (PL4500 with Smart Arm) 2407312
Warranty 4 Years
Engine and Power Source Honda GX160 with Pull Start
Maximum Tip Size (1-gun) 0.036"
Maximum Tip Size (2-guns) 0.025"
Maximum Operating Pressure 3300 psi (22.8 MPa)
Maximum Spraying Speed 1.25 gpm (4.7 lpm)
Pump Drive Clutchless Sealed Hydraulic
Airless Hose included - Gun 1 1/4" x 6' (1.8 m)
Airless Hose included - Gun 2 1/4" x 12' (3.7 m)
Airless Hose included - Other 1/4" x 50' (15 m)
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Customer Questions
What is the Smart Arm feature?
The SmartArm makes gun height adjustments repeatable and easy. It also pivots vertically, making it easier to transport the striper to and from your jobsite.
Can I use the PowrLiner 4500 with two guns?
Yes. The PowrLiner 4500 includes two guns, which operate independently or concurrently.
Can I use the PowrLiner 4500 with a LazyLiner?

Yes. By simply attaching a ball hitch kit to the line striper, you can add a ride-on LazyLiner driver - Pro or Elite, allowing you to complete jobs up to four times faster and increasing operator comfort.

The adjustable engine mount plate optimizes weight distribution of the engine and pump on the cart frame. Slide the mounting plate forward to make the cart more stable when driving with a LazyLiner. Slide back to make the cart more maneuverable in walk-behind applications.

What type of paint can I use with the PowrLiner 4500?
This can apply both latex (water-based) and solvent-based coatings.
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