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Titan LazyLiner Pro

Titan LazyLiner Pro


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  • Titan LazyLiner Pro Titan LazyLiner Pro
  • Titan LazyLiner Pro with PowrLiner and Beadliner Titan LazyLiner Pro with PowrLiner and Beadliner
  • Optional Tray for Titan LazyLiner Pro and Elite Optional Tray for Titan LazyLiner Pro and Elite
  • Line Stripe Large Parking Lots Faster and Easier Line Stripe Large Parking Lots Faster and Easier

Titan LazyLiner Pro

Quick Overview

Go Pro! Convert your line striper into a self-propelled striping machine with Titan's dependable ride-on driver.

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Self-propel your line striper

Introducing the hard-working contractor's best friend: Titan's LazyLiner™ series, an exceptionally durable and dependable line striper seat. You work hard enough – do you really need to stand behind your line striper for line after line in every parking lot? The LazyLiner™ Pro is perfect for medium to large line striping jobs, allowing you to concentrate on accuracy and speed all day long – no more thinking about your tired feet!

LazyLiner Pro Features

The Bottom Line

Adding this drive-on seat to your asphalt equipment will make your line striping more efficient and less wearisome.

The LazyLiner™ Pro is powered by a 6HP Pull Start Engine with a 0-12 mph forward speed and a 0-7 mph reverse speed. With an adjustable seat and foot pedals that you can adjust up or down, you can find your most comfortable operating position so you can line stripe quickly.

Max Out Your Line Striping Efficiency

Own a PowrLiner 2850, 4955, 6955, or 8955? This Titan LazyLiner™ is the right choice if you want to have a powerful drive-on seat for your line striping jobs, without needing the extra benefits that the LazyLiner™ Elite offers. Each model from the Titan LazyLiner™ series is also compatible with Graco LineLazer.

You can also add the optional storage tray that attaches to the back of the LazyLiner™—just the thing you'll need if your job requires different paint colors.

Why should you consider this line striper add-on? A self-propelled line striper lets you stripe faster without tiring out, meaning you'll have the time and energy for more jobs. More jobs means more money! It's easy to hook the hitch (not included) and the drive-on seat to your existing walk-behind striper, turning it into a self-propelled line painting machine.

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Titan LazyLiner Pro Use the LazyLiner Pro line striper seat to convert your walk-behind striper to an automatically propelled machine. 0290041 Titan LazyLiner Pro 5220 Asphalt Kingdom