Waterborne Traffic and Zone Water Based Marking Paint

  • Highly visible traffic paint
  • Quick-drying
  • Long-lasting even in high-traffic areas
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The Water-Based Traffic Paint 5-gallon pail is excellent to use for marking lines, numbers, and handicapped stencils on your parking lot. Read more

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11/30/2021: Limited stock available! For orders of two (2) pallets or less, please allow 3-5 days for order preparation and 7-10 business days for shipping. Please contact us for availability and shipping timeframes on larger purchases.

Available in half-pallet (11 pails) and full pallet (22 pails).

The Waterborne Traffic and Zone Water-Based Marking Paint is designed to be sprayed over concrete or asphalt that's been left to dry for 30 days, and it leaves dense, clear color patterns wherever it's used.

Use this paint for parking lot linestriping and marking stencils.

  • Fast-drying means that traffic can be back in the parking lot within a couple of hours.
  • Commercial-grade yields long-lasting results.
  • Can be applied with roller or with a line striping machine

Perfect for busy parking lots – it dries in 7 minutes at 77°F and relative humidity at 50%. When applied appropriately, each 5-gallon pail will stripe 1,600 linear feet or 485 meters. For the best, most professional-looking finish, we recommend using a linestriping machine.

If you want your markings to be more reflective and more visible, you can apply Hi-visibility glass beads while the paint is wet.

It is important to keep water-based paints against freezing. It must be stored and used at temperatures above 50°F. Make sure you've mixed everything thoroughly before use. If you need to store a partially opened container, add a small amount of water to the top to keep it from drying out and forming skin.

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  1. Got paint in time for project



    Was unable to find a paint for an upcoming project and got through just in time. Thanks for the fast shipping.
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Customer Questions
How much paint for 500 ft. of a street curb
Durable traffic paint is available in 5-gallon pails and generally offers 320 linear feet of coverage per gallon. For a 500 sq ft, containers needed for this job are two (2) 5-gallon paint.
The lines and handicap symbols I painted 24 hours after applying sealer to a parking lot turned brown. I waited one more day, but it turned out the same way. I had to redo the stripes and symbols after two weeks to cover up.
Sealer needs to cure for at least 24-48 hours in ideal temperature and weather conditions before applying traffic paint to ensure that no bleeding happens. Moist, humid and cold weather can delay proper curing time, so it is highly recommended to check the weather forecasts before sealcoating to ensure that the material sets and dries properly. To check if the sealer has dried, run your finger over the sealed surface and see whether the material still feels tacky to the touch. If it is, it might be best to give it more time to dry.
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