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PowrLiner 3500

PowrLiner PL3500 1 Gun Paint Sprayer

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PowrLiner PL3500 1 Gun Paint Sprayer

Quick Overview

Titan's newest line striper! Perfect for a mid-sized line striping business.
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PowrLiner PL3500 1 Gun Paint Sprayer Titan's newest line striper! Perfect for a mid-sized line striping business.

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The newest product from Titan Tool is an in-demand one-gun line striper for the entry level contractor. This light-duty machine is perfect with a mid-sized linestriping business for someone who stripes weekly or monthly, or stripes small parking lots.

Titan had a mission: improve on its popular PL2855 PowrLiner to make it an industry-leading intermediate striper, and they delivered!

  • new swing-back design
  • even lighter than the 2850 - just 142 lbs!
  • add an optional glass bead dispenser
  • add an optional Lazy Liner ride-on driver so you can sit and stripe

Loaded with Features

4 year warrantyThe Titan PowrLiner 3500 features a Honda GX120 (120cc / 4hp) . Unlike the earlier PL2850, the PL3500 accepts a glass bead dispensing system, so if you want to add reflection to your lines, you can do it with this machine.

The machine features a detachable gun for stenciling, or converting the machine to paint something vertical.

The front wheel locks and unlocks using a caster release-trigger on the left handle bar.

Includes a 50-foot 1/4 inch hose, a TR1 Line Striping Tip, and an RX80 Spray Gun. Everything you need to get up and running in one package.

Get the benefits of PermaStroke™ Technology

Sealed Hydraulic Line-striping System

  • No piston rod or packings to wear out or service.
  • No electronics or clutches to burn up or prematurely wear
  • Longer stroking / More efficient priming system.
  • Easy Maintenance –Field Serviceable
  • Easier to Clean –Fluid pump gets cleaner and cleans faster with less water/solvent.
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Fluid Section

FlatLine™ Pulsation Dampener

  • Top Performance at all pressures (PSI)
  • Eliminates all pressure fluctuations and “dead-band” in the system and hose.
  • Pressure consistency from 300psi – 3300psi
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Nitrogen-charged for automatic control

Sureflo™ Pusher Valve

  • Standard on all PL3500s
  • Guaranteed to prime every time you start up
  • No tools required to unseat lower check ball.


The PowrLiner PL3500 is designed for contractors who work long and hard.  The new swing-back cart design has a 65* frame stem design to give you more leverage.  More leverage means you don't get as tired when you're striping.  The 142-lb machine is light and easy to push, and includes a PowrCenter dash: cup holder, two tip holders, and a three-position handle with a hose wrap.

Use it with either latex or oil-based paint.

The Bottom Line

This compact, easy-to-move linestriper is a great addition to an existing linestriping business. It doesn't take up much room and it helps you re-stripe parking lots fast and profitably!

16-inch pneumatic tires front and back mean that you'll get smooth lines even on rough pavement.

The Powrliner 3500 holds a 5-gallon pail of paint so you don't have to keep refilling to stripe parking lot lines.

Comes with a spray gun, 50 feet of hose, and a reversible line striping tip for spraying lines and stenciling.

Titan Model Number 0537015
Maximum Tip Size 0.027"
Motor Technology Gas
Powered By Honda GX 120, 120 CC w/ Oil Alert, 4HP, OHV
Maximum Spraying Speed* 0.75 GPM / 2.95
Maximum Operating Pressure 3300 PSI (22.8 MPa)
Paint Outlet Manifold Filter - Element 60 mesh
Paint Outlet Manifold Filter -Filter Area 18 in2 (116 cm2)
Weight 142lbs/47kgs
Hose Model (Airless) 316-505, measuring 1/4" x 50' (15.2 m)
Gun Model (Airless) RX80
Pump Drive Hydraulic
Coatings Compatibility reversible tip Works with almost all advanced, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) waterborne traffic paints

Need help with your Titan sprayer? Just call 1-800-526-5362 opt: 2.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Crisp Edges review by DC Ridenour on 7/26/18

    Nicest striper I have ever used. The most crisp edge I've ever seen.

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PowrLiner PL3500 1 Gun Paint Sprayer Titan's newest line striper machine for asphalt striping! Perfect for a mid-sized line striping business. 0537015 PowrLiner PL3500 1 Gun Paint Sprayer 3999 Asphalt Kingdom