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Reflective Glass Bead Dispenser

Reflective Glass-Bead-Dispenser


A reflective glass bead dispensing system to help you create reflective markings.

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Add this reflective glass bead dispenser to your Powrliner and get double-duty out of one machine!

The Bottom Line

If you're adding reflective glass beads to traffic paint lines, you need one of these dispensing kits!


This system comes complete with a hopper, dispenser, hose, and all the mounting hardware you need to apply the kit right behind the spray gun on your Powrliner 4950, 6950, or 8950. Those Powrliners have pre-drilled, pre-tapped holes in the frame to make mounting the hopper fast and easy. It's simple to adjust the flow of the beads as well, using just a screwdriver.

These systems are gravity flow units. No air or auxiliary power source is required for operation.

If you're striping a job that doesn't require beads, the quick-connect swivel fitting links allow you to remove the dispenser quickly and easily.

The bead dispenser works for 4-6" stripes, and come in single and double dispensers.

How Does It Work?

When the paint is dispensed, the glass beads are released in a shower onto the wet paint line. You can adjust the number of beads according to your own standards. The flow of beads is controlled by adjusting the sliding plate behind the door. Change out the plate to select the width.

Why Use Reflective Beads?

Glass beads make your striped lines more visible at night, which is essential for airports and highway safety. The reflective beads for line striping reflect a vehicle's headlights back at them. For areas that are dark or have unsafe driving conditions, glass beads are one thing that can help improve safety.

Dimensions: 20.5" W x 36.5" D x 9.5" H
Weight: 28 lbs

Reflective Glass Bead Dispenser A reflective glass bead dispenser with a 50 pound hopper that lets you quickly distribute a bag of beads while you line paint. Free shipping and no sales tax! T7401 Reflective Glass Bead Dispenser 875 Asphalt Kingdom
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