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PL850 Front Wheel Cable Caster Assembly

Caster Assembly for PowrLiner 850

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Easier manipulation of the PowrLiner 850 with this cable caster assembly.

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Easily maneuver around curves when striping a parking lot or ball field with the PL850 Front Wheel Cable Caster Assembly. Using a trigger mechanism mounted on the left handle grip, your “straight lock” front wheel can be released to “free wheel” and then return back to the locked position without having to manually pull the pin back each time. When you pull the trigger, the front wheel releases, when you let go, the wheel locks in the straight position.

Save time and save your back with this affordable accessory…exclusive to the PowrLiner 850 Striping Machine, perfect for light, occasional spraying of small lots and fields with a detachable spray gun for stenciling.

The Bottom Line

Add this Front Wheel Cable Castor Assembly to your striping machine to move around obstacles and curves with ease as your front wheel now “free wheels” with the pull of a trigger. No need to bend over and manually pull the pin over and over as you line a field or parking lot. Quality materials and simple installation.

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