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Floating Gun For Line Marking Equipment


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This accessory designed to give you smooth and even lines over rough terrain.

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Line striping jobs on terrain such as fields with tall grass or rough parking lots present certain challenges. The unevenness of the terrain makes it difficult to achieve smooth, clear lines. Without the proper equipment, you may end up with sloppy results that won’t look very good.

Whether you are working on a parking lot, highway, or sports field, there is no excuse for delivering uneven, subpar line striping results – especially when a simple accessory can help you get the job done right every time, regardless of the terrain. By attaching a floating gun to your line striper, you can achieve smooth, even lines every time.

Asphalt Kingdom’s floating gun is essential for any parking lot owner or line striping professional. The accessory easily attaches to most line stripers and gives you smoother, clearer lines over rough terrain.

Our floating gun provides you with the following benefits:
  • Keeps the line striper at the proper height from the ground, ensuring perfect lines on rough and uneven terrain
  • Ideal for line striping jobs on grass, turf, and pavement
  • Compatible with just about any line striping machine

The Bottom Line

Get smoother, clearer lines over rough parking lots and fields. The floating gun keeps the distance between the machine and the ground even and constant, creating perfect lines no matter how bumpy the road is.

Dimensions: 16" W x 17" D x 17" H
Weight: 13 lbs

Floating Gun For Line Marking Equipment Our floating gun for line marking equipment fits most line striping machines. Useful accessory for the perfect parking line. 759-120 Floating Gun For Line Marking Equipment 645 Asphalt Kingdom
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