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AK+ Aerosol Paint (Case of 12)

AK Plus Aerosol Paint


Starting at: $159.00
Get complete coverage on new or freshly sealcoated asphalt with this aerosol paint.

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White Aerosol Marking Paint - Case of 12

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Fluorescent Yellow

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Dark Handicap Blue

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Aerosol Paint

Paint lines on your parking lotsIf you have new asphalt or have just sealcoated your parking areas, this easy to use aerosol paint will create sharp, well-defined lines that won't allow the asphalt or sealcoat to peek through. With intense color coverage, these painted lines allow you to create a perfect-looking parking lot; your white or yellow parking lines will absolutely pop against the dark black of your asphalt.

Use this AK Plus Aerosol Paint with our AK Line Striper (view all line striping machine products). A universal spray head allows this paint to be used in most of the competition's marking machines (view our asphalt sprayer products). Can also be used on stencils or to mark curbs.

Each aerosol can provides 250 linear feet of a 4" thick line. Each case contains 12 cans.

Bright Color, Superior Coverage

The strong coverage provided by these aerosol paint cans allow you to paint over the deepest black surfaces without the black peeking through. No need to go over your line multiple times like with other paint cans. When you have the brightest lines possible on your surfaces, the visibility of your lines will last longer!

Perfect for fresh asphalt, newly sealcoating parking lots, and dark surfaces that need to be marked. Can be used on tennis courts, volleyball courts, warehouse floors and more.

Sealcoating and Line Striping

If you have an asphalt parking lot, keeping it in the best condition is the best thing to extend the life of your asphalt. Sealcoating, along with asphalt crack repair using proper crack sealing equipment, and pothole repair, will give your asphalt the protection it needs.

After you sealcoat your parking lot (with the proper sealcoating equipment), your existing parking lot lines will be covered with the black sealcoat. You should freshen up your lines after the sealcoat has been cured so your customers, clients, and/or employees will be able to use your parking lot again. When you stripe your lot again, you can use the AK+ Aerosol Paint for bright, solid lines. Your white lines won't look slightly grayish with this paint.

Available in blue, yellow, white, and black.

paint can specs

AK+ Aerosol Paint (Case of 12) Get complete coverage on new or freshly sealcoated asphalt with this aerosol paint. No bleed-through, and available in 4 colors. 20-786_group AK+ Aerosol Paint (Case of 12) 159 159 Asphalt Kingdom
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