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AK Super Striper

Line Striping Machine


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  • AK Super Striper AK Super Striper
  • AK Super Striper with case of paint (not included) AK Super Striper with case of paint (not included)
  • AK Super Striper in use on a parking lot (paint not included) AK Super Striper in use on a parking lot (paint not included)

Line Striping Machine

Quick Overview

This portable line striper uses easy-to-load 20 oz. aerosol paint cans for parking lots.

This perfectly-sized inexpensive asphalt striping machine is exactly what you need to paint lines on parking lots, warehouse floors, tennis courts and sports fields. Many of our customers who purchase this machines are motel, restaurant and small plaza owners. Loads with a 20oz aerosol can and is ideal for small asphalt striping jobs. Extremely easy to operate and quality lines can be applied to you parking lot in minutes.

The Bottom Line

Save Time: Make Line Striping Easier and More Efficient With the AK Asphalt Striper Machine

A sturdy, lightweight asphalt line striping system that will allow you to paint 2" to 4" inch wide parking lines or arrows on any asphalt or concrete surface.

There are many places where this is the perfect tool:

  • striping small parking lots
  • marking concrete floors in a warehouse
  • creating even lines on a tennis court
  • demarcating lines on a football or soccer field
  • touching up existing lines

The Asphalt Kingdom's Line Striper uses aerosol cans of quick drying, long-lasting durable paint. Each can yields about 250 linear feet per can (with a 4" wide stripe).

The convenient on-board storage holds 12 cans so you're always ready to go - no running back and forth to get more cans.

No need to tape the surface, or to clean up drips and messes.

This is all you need to stripe your driveway, business parking lots, etc.

Size: 27.5" inches high x 13 x 9 inches
Weight: 16.6 pounds

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Line Striping Machine AsphaltKingdom includes everything you need for Asphalt Striping. Spray machine and Paint. Purchase today Z-604 Line Striping Machine 149 Asphalt Kingdom