RY10 PRO Asphalt Melter Applicator Machine

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Simple 3-step process: load, heat and go. Seal up to 3,500 feet of cracks a day. Read more
Seal asphalt cracks water-tight at walking speed — without the backaches! Easy as pushing a lawn mower.
  • Safest machine on the market
  • Preserves pavement up to 3 years
  • Contractor's favorite crack filling machine
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Add These To Minimize Your Effort!

Torch & Adaptor Accessory For Burning Crack Vegetation

Burn vegetation out of the crack for proper crack cleaning. Melt rubber build up off your push melter wheels so they don't lock up. Saves you downtime!

RynoLift Handles

Add RynoLifts to the latest version of RY10 PRO (2020 version) for easy loading and unloading.


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