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RY10 Crackfill Melter

RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine


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  • RY10 Crackfill Melter RY10 Crackfill Melter
  • Regulator Regulator
  • Fitting Fitting
  • Torch Torch
  • Protected Thermometer Bracket Protected Thermometer Bracket
  • RY10 Crackfill Melter RY10 Crackfill Melter
  • RY10 Crackfill Melter RY10 Crackfill Melter
  • RY10 Crackfill Melter RY10 Crackfill Melter
  • RY10 Shoe and Dispenser RY10 Shoe and Dispenser
  • RY10 kettle RY10 kettle
  • RY10 Crackfill Melter RY10 Crackfill Melter

RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine

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Quick Overview

Melt and apply rubber asphalt crack filler very easily at walking speed with this crack fill machine.

We care about your safety and increasing your productivity and this is why we created the 'Safety & Productivity' component kit, which makes this amazing crack sealing machine a one of a kind. Professionally engineered and designed to melt down rubber cubes of hot pour crack filler and apply it at walking speed.

The 10-gallon melter and applicator crack fill machine is the safer, faster way to crack fill. No more transferring molten crack filler from a melting kettle to a pour pot. Simply light the propane burner, drop in a brick of rubberized crack filler, and in less than ten minutes you'll be sealing cracks.

The RY10 comes standard with on-the-fly paddle agitator on the handlebars, which allows you to agitate the crack filler while pushing the machine. The agitator is designed to mix the crack filler in the kettle so it melts faster and prevents blockage in the drain valve inside the kettle.

The RY10 is designed to melt down rubber cubes of crack filler and apply it in cracks at walking speed. Fill twenty-five feet worth of cracks in just 15 seconds. That's $10 in profit in just 15 seconds. It's a 2 in 1 unit designed to melt down rubber cubes of crackfiller and apply it at walking speed. Anyone can do it.

The Bottom Line

Safety and Productivity Kit Includes: 2 Year Warranty!

1) On-the-fly agitation allows you to agitate (mix) the crack filler while pushing your RY10 at walking speed. This prevents you from having to walk around the side of your machine to mix the rubber that is melting. It also prevents you from getting smoked since you’re mixing from behind the machine instead of directly above the kettle chamber. It melts the crack sealer down much faster. And it prevents the valve from clogging on the inside of the kettle. Blockage can cause timely delays that prevent you from being as profitable.

2) Heavy duty bracket protects thermometer from accidental damage while in transit or during operation. You need your temperature gauge to operate your melter so be sure to protect it from damage.

With reliability and performance in mind, we've spent countless hours engineering this asphalt crack sealing machine that has now become one of our top sellers.

The RY10 is perfect for asphalt maintenance contractors or DIY’ers looking to fill cracks on parking lots or driveways.

Easy to Use

Asphalt crack sealing machine in useIt is extremely easy to operate and comes with a detailed operating manual. It's as simple as pushing a lawn mower or grocery cart.

Simply grab the push handle with two hands. Squeeze the trigger lever that opens the valve down on the right hand side of the machine. The valve will open and liquid crack sealer will flow down the application spout out into a horseshoe shaped scraper. Don’t overfill the horseshoe shaped scraper: it will overflow out on the edges. The horseshoe shaped scraper is on a pivot arm designed to follow the contour of the asphalt. The scraper smooths out the crack filler and creates a watertight seal on the asphalt cracks. This prevents water from getting into the asphalt cracks eroding the foundation or freezing and expanding and causing further damage to the asphalt investment.

The asphalt crack sealing machine is actually very easy to operate. Simply open the top lid of the kettle. Place your block of crack filler into the main chamber. Light your torch and heat the machine up to 350°F. Allow the material to turn from solid to liquid form. Make sure to use your agitator to allow you to mix the crack filler while it's going through its melting process. This will allow you to melt the crack filler faster. Once the crack filler is in liquid form, you can go ahead and start to apply the crack filler at walking speed. Be sure that you allow the crack filler block to melt down completely before you start your application process otherwise you will be working in a stop and go fashion.

If you have a lot of cracks to seal I recommend that you continuously feed the blocks of crack filler into the hot liquid inside the kettle. The solid cubes will melt faster this way and save you melt down time.

Here is an analogy we like to use: Imagine having a glass of hot water and placing an ice cube inside of that glass of hot water. The ice cube would melt much faster compared to if it was placed into an empty glass. The same applies to crack sealer blocks. If you place it in the melted material and submerge it, you will experience faster melting and be more productive.

Quality and Reliability

We understand how important it is to have a reliable equipment to get your crack jobs done professionally. We have spent countless hours developing these machines with tour in house engineer. Our goal was to create a rugged machine that will hold up with the environment that it's working in and at the same time being extremely productive for you.

If you take a close look at the photos and videos you'll notice that the quality is really second to none. The precision welds are neat and strong, the parts and pieces that make up the unit are all top quality assuring you that you’re getting a reliable long lasting unit that is safe and productive.

Choosing a Melter
RY10The Competition
Unit Weight134 lbs
(heavier means thick steel)
110 lbs
(lighter means thinner steel)
Construction14-gauge steel
(thick sidewalls)
16-gauge steel
(thin sidewalls)
Wheels1/4-inch wheel with 5/8-inch axle1/8-inch wheel with 3/4-inch axle
Temperature GaugeHowes, protected by steel bracketsGeneric brand with no protection
MixerMid-length for easy mixingToo high - creates strain & resistance
WarrantyLimited Lifetime 1 year

Asphalt Maintenance Contractors Should Own a Crack Sealing Machine!

The expected margins that can be earned when sealing cracks are around 70%. Most contractors charge $0.50 to $1.00 per linear foot for this service.

If you do some quick math, you’ll soon see that earning $250 to $500 is easily achievable. Most driveways in North America range from 400 to 600 square feet and generally have 100+ feet worth of cracks. Parking lots have even more making this an excellent opportunity to add an additional monetization vertical to your business.

If you’ve used liquid pour crack sealants you know that the quality is substandard to that of solid hot pour rubberized. Generally, liquid pour is water-based and only lasts for 6 months to a year. Homeowners generally use it. Solid hot pour lasts for up to three years and is recommended for contractors to use as it’s quality and lifespan is much better. The rubber based compounds in the material have oil based properties which allow for better bonding to the crack walls and takes way longer to breakdown compared to water-based.

Whether you’re maintaining your asphalt parking lot yourself of providing asphalt maintenance services as a Contractor, we’ve developed a detailed crack sealing repair guide that will guide you through the step-by-step crack repair process that will give you the best results.

We understand that you need quality sealcoating equipment and supplies to get the job done right. We don’t want you in the fog trying to figure things out. Our expert team at Asphalt Kingdom will help advise you on your project and make sure you’re selecting the right asphalt crack sealing machine and sealing supplies.

For Expert Advice on selecting the right unit or to place your RY10 order, call toll free 1-866-399-5562.


Crack Filler Calculator  Let us help you determine what you need.


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Construction 14 gauge powder-coated steel
Side Wheels 12" Diameter
1/4" thick steel
Front Caster 1/8"-thick steel wheel with twin row bearings and a grease fitting for greater tolerance of vertical and horizontal force, vibration and debris
Bushings Constructed with a nickel/bronze mix
Premium Accessories On-the-fly Agitation.
Heavy-duty temperature gauge bracket.
Dimensions 48"D x 24"W x 36"H
Capacity 10 gallons
Weight 134 lbs
Shipping Dimensions Box 1: 26" x 26" x 10"
Box 2: 26" x 26" x 20"
Shipping Weight Box 1 65 lbs
Box 2 98 lbs
Total 163 lbs

RY10 ManualDownload the RY10 Assembly and Operations Manual

Photos & Videos

Questions & Answers

Valve not opening or closing

Typically this issue is due to having heated and cooled crack filler within the machine, and allowing crack filler to solidify within the valve. It is recommended to take the torch while it is on and apply it directly to the valve – this will heat up the cooled crack filler and allow the valve to function correctly again.

Valve Leaks & Shoe Problems:

  • Valve leaks in off position
  • Valve leaks slightly at all times
  • Shoe is not flush to the ground

Please make sure the handlebars at the side of the machine are fully inserted into the sleeve. Even if the handlebars are 1" from the end, it can put both the valve and the shoe off from their sitting positions. Loosen the fasteners that hold the handlebars in place, push the handlebars completely in so they are flush with the end of the sleeve, and secure the fasteners back into place.

Temperature not stable

This depends on whether or not there is hot fluid within the hopper. If there isn't enough hot fluid in the hopper to cover the temperature gauge, the temperature reading will be incorrect and will often read higher than the actual temperature of the melted liquid. It is suggested to have the proper amount of hot liquid at all times and adjust the temperature to maintain that proper amount of melted liquid.

Temperature will not go up to 400 degrees

If there is not enough liquid within the hopper to get the base temperature of the machine up, it may be tough to reach higher temperatures. Please check that the torch is operating at a high enough temperature. If it's not operating with enough power, 400 degrees will not be reached. Another factor is the propane tank pressure. If it's only 1/3 full, then there is much less pressure and will have a great effect on torch heat and operation. Please make sure you have a propane tank that is adequately filled and is not almost empty.

Is the temperature gauge filled with glycerine?

They are not glycerine-filled, but we are looking to implement this.

Is the propane included with my RY10?

No, propane tanks are not included with any of our crack filling units.

How long does it take to melt your hot pour crack filler?

It takes 10 minutes to melt the first 50lbs, and about 2-4 to melt the subsequent added cubes.

How many linear feet of crackfill do you get per box of crack filler?

You will get 300-400 linear feet of coverage per 50lb box of hot pour crack fill.

What do I do with my left over crack fill?

Simply turn off the heat, let it cool and you can reheat the crack fill when needed.

How do I clean my RY10 when I'm done filling cracks?

There is no need to clean the RY10. Simply use all your crack fill and leave it empty or turn off the heat and cool the remaining crack filler for the next use.  

How many wheels are on the RY10 crack melter applicator?

There are two rear wheels and a smaller rotating wheel on the front of the RY10 crack melter applicator.

RY10 Instructions

Safety precautions must be observed when using this equipment.

Failure to follow these directions and to exercise reasonable care can result in damage or injury.

  1. Move the RY10 so it will be at least six feet from combustible material. Load the RY10's kettle with 50 pounds of crack filler. Cardboard box must be removed. Plastic bag can stay and will melt into heated material when stirred.
  2. Light the LP torch. Always remove torch from kettle before lighting.
  3. Insert the torch in the burner well without smothering the flame. NOTE: If the torch is inserted in the burner well when the flame is at full blast, it is likely to be smothered before it can start an up draft. If the torch is smothered while in the burner well of the kettle, it is extremely important to allow any unburned gas in the kettle well to vent before reinserting the torch. If the wind is a factor, locate the Flex Kettle so burner is operating down wind. Shielding may also be necessary.
  4. Make sure the torch is in the proper position within the burner well's center. Remove any obstructions. 5. After waiting a moment allowing the circulation of air to start around the pan, the regulating valve can be adjusted as needed.
  5. The Flex Kettle is designed to draw off liquid for use as soon as pouring temperature is reached. In heating remember that the heat penetrates the block of crack filler slowly. Waiting for blocks to completely melt is inefficient and time consuming. For best results and fastest melting, use material as it liquefies. When operating at high flame, stir the material frequently as it heats. Extended heating over 400° F will destroy elastomeric polymers.
  6. Agitate the crack filler before applying it or drawing off. Agitation will increase melting rate and keep unmelted portion of polybag away from draw off valve.
  7. Flashing can be completely prevented by not allowing the material to exceed 400° F. Remove the torch if the crack filler gets too hot. For normal operation, half the normal flame on the torch gives sufficient heat. If flashing occurs, close the cover. Never use water to extinguish a fire in the RY10. Always have an extinguisher available rated to combat oil fires.
  8. You do not need to drain or clean out the RY10's kettle. However, it will be much easier to start up the next time with the least amount of leftover crackfiller in the kettle. WARNING: Never allow the torch to fire in an empty kettle.
  9. If you cover the kettle vent holes while the torch is in operation; you will stop draft and smother the flame. Whenever the kettle is stored, it should be covered to prevent water from collecting in the pan.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Unit review by BlackCat Sealing on 9/4/18

    I run your ry10 standard melter and it has been a great unit.

  2. Good but not great review by Dsh on 11/30/16

    I researched these products and thought this one was the best. It's built very well. However, someone thought punching the company name in the side of it (Ryno Worx) was a good idea. The problem is that those extra holes allow too much heat to escape. This causes it to not retain heat as well and it makes maintaining proper temperature difficult. But, when the material finally does melt, it applies the material very well and all parts seem well built.

  3. AK10 Pretty good, couple of minor glitches review by Steve on 11/30/16

    Overall, pretty good. Really like the push/pull agitation handle vs competitors side to side. Had to mount rear wheels backwards vs assembly diagram to clear propane tank. Handle secure nut welded to sleve broke off when locking handle. had to re-weld. Paint burned off front of unit from heat, but I suppose that probably happens to most every brand in this style.

  4. great review by cm on 11/30/16


  5. Happy I made the Purchase review by Diaz on 11/30/16

    RY10 Gallon Melter Applicator GREAT product!
    easy to use. Very happy I made this purchase last year, ready to use this year, but parking lot does not need repair, still looks good!

  6. Excellent Product review by Kate on 11/30/16

    We got tired of sealing the same cracks over and over cause most companies fill the crack with sand and it washes out year after year. We purchased this and this is the first year the cracks are still sealed! Excellent product.

  7. Works as Advertised review by Bob on 11/30/16

    Only complaint I have is in windy conditions its hard to keep the tank hot enough. Otherwise works great.

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RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine The RY10 Crack Fill Machine is designed to melt and apply hot rubber crackfiller at walking speed. Excellent warranty & free shipping available! AK10 RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine 999 Asphalt Kingdom

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