Deery Super Stretch Crack Filler- 300 Boxes / 9,000 lbs

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Four pallets of Deery Super Stretch crack filler totalling 9,000 lbs (300 30-lb boxes) covers 60,000 linear feet of cracks.
  • Make $60,000 with 4 pallets
  • 3 to 4 year crack seal
  • 10 year shelf life
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Crack Pour Pot

Save time and reduce waste with this anti-leak, anti-drip 2.6-gallon crackfill pour pot.

V Reversible Crack Squeegee

Use this V-shaped reversible crack squeegee for AK Liquid Pour Crack Filler or hot pour crack filler. Comes with 54" handle.

U Squeegee and Socket for Crack Filling

Use this U-shaped squeegee for our AK Liquid Pour Crack Filler. Handle sold separately.

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