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Crack Pour Pot

Crack Pour Pot

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Save time and reduce waste with this anti-leak, anti-drip 2.5 gallon crackfill pour pot.

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1 Year Warranty!Filling cracks is an important first step in asphalt sealcoating. Make your life easier with a crack fill pour pot. These solid, durable pour pots can hold 2.5 gallons of melted crack filler. Made of 14 gauge stainless steel, these pour pots feature an anti-leak, anti-drip design.

Fill cracks at walking speed with this essential piece of sealcoating equipment.


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The Bottom Line

Fill Cracks Fast!

Repair cracks with the pour potThe Asphalt Kingdom AK2.5 Crack Pour Pot features 2.5-gallon capacity, and added ease of use when you are filling cracks in asphalt.

Use this crack filler pour pot to fill asphalt cracks using cold pour asphalt crack filler or using our hot pour rubberized crack fill.

Save time and reduce waste with the AK2.5 crack pour pot.

You just pour your crackfiller into the pot and walk along the crack, keeping the pour pot slightly elevated so you can fill the crack.

Trying to pour crackfiller directly from the bottle can lead to excess product oozing over the crack: with the AK2.5, you'll use the right amount, every time. Saves you money and makes for a tidier job.



  • 2.5 gallon capacity
  • anti-drip, anti-leak design
  • 14 gauge stainless steel
Weight9 lbs
Capacity2.5 gallons
Material14 gauge stainless steel
ConstructionRobot Welding
FinishHigh-Temp Paint

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