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30-Gallon Melter Oven

RY30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Oven


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  • 30-Gallon Melter Oven 30-Gallon Melter Oven
  • 30 Gallon Crack Fill Melter Kettle with Dual Burners 30 Gallon Crack Fill Melter Kettle with Dual Burners
  • Manual Agitation in 30-gallon Melter Manual Agitation in 30-gallon Melter
  • Halo Burner With Flame-out Sensor Halo Burner With Flame-out Sensor
  • Lid Latch Lid Latch
  • Glycerin-filled thermometer Glycerin-filled thermometer
  • filled in asphalt crack filled in asphalt crack
  • Dual Propane Regulators Dual Propane Regulators
  • Push-Button Ignitor Push-Button Ignitor
  • Molasses Valve Molasses Valve
  • Hinged Lid Hinged Lid
  • 30 Gallon Crack Fill Melter Kettle with Manual Agitation 30 Gallon Crack Fill Melter Kettle with Manual Agitation

RY30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Oven

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Quick Overview

Industry-exclusive: dual burner 30 gallon melter kettle melts rubber cubes of crack filler for crack filling.


1 Year Warranty!Have hot and ready crack filler faster than any machine on the market today. Melt 150-175 pounds of crackfill per kettle full - enough to do 1,500 to 2,000 linear feet of cracks per full kettle. Fill pour pots or melter-applicators from its molasses valve and go!

The new RY30 Melter Oven is an industry-first: unique dual halo burners melt crackfiller more quickly and evenly than any other oven on the market. You spend less time waiting for material to work and you spend less money on fuel - it's a must-have for any medium to large-sized pavement maintenance contractor. What's more, the burner designs are the safest on the market today - no risk of backflashes burning your staff.

The Two-Burner Advantage: Having dual sealed burners means that you are in complete control. You can light both burners to quickly melt enough crack seal to fill up to 9,600 feet per day. The RY30 melts product up to 50% faster than traditional melters!

Because of their sealed design, the burners also use nearly 50% less fuel than torch-fired melters. Talk about saving!

With two burners, you can choose to fire up both to full flame, melting product lightning-fast and getting your crew working stat. Or if you still have cracks to clean, just turn them on low using the front control panel or run a single burner to maintain temperatures when you have time. The control is in your hands.

Design Innovations Improve Safety and Reliability: Sealed burner designs are protected from the wind, so you get consistent heat without the annoying flame-outs that torch designs are susceptible to. The unique halo is a multi-directional jet burner design that has the flame firing in multiple directions so heat is faster and more even than with a torch. This design also adds a flame-out sensor to the burners, meaning that should wind somehow get to the burner, the propane will immediately shut off. That means your crew is safer (no build-up of propane waiting for them) and you don't lose money on wasted fuel.

The innovations don't stop there though: the powder-coated RY30 has a push-button electronic ignitor that makes lighting the burners a breeze - no matches needed! Simply hold down the flame-out sensor override, push the ignitor, and you're lit!

Flexible: The 30-gallon melter kettle takes two propane tanks (not included) that you can get virtually anywhere. Attach the tanks to the oven and light it - as easy as lighting a barbecue! Although this melter can be free-standing on a job site (use the included handles to lift and move it), it can also be bolted to a truck or trailer for portability, with dual lid locks to keep material from spilling out when you are on the move. In that case, you'll especially appreciate the reliability of the glycerin-filled thermometer: glycerine keeps the thermometer from being damaged by vibrations, and will let you know the exact temperature of your sealant. And the built-in manual agitation helps you to keep the sealer stirred so it doesn't get too hot on the bottom.

Invest In Your Business: Add the RY30 stationary Melter Kettle to your equipment and experience faster melt times with less fuel spent: take on larger jobs, earn more profit per job, and grow your business with this hard-working machine.

Length 45 inches
Width 26 inches
Depth 38 inches
Weight 200 pounds
Capacity 30 Gallons

Download the Manual

The RY30 melter kettle has an enclosed burner system that melts crackfiller even while driving. The jet burner system designed by RynoWorx sets the new industry standard for direct fire melter kettles.

Customer Daniel Vander Wal reviews the RY30 Crack Kettle. As you can see this is a completely unique kettle with a jet burner system that prevents flame out, melts crack filler faster and saves on propane.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great purchase review by Seal of Approval on 9/18/18

    We purchased an RY30 from Asphalt Kingdom and couldn't be happier with our purchase. Uses very little propane compared to other boxes as well as not blowing out in the wind. Heats up quickly to get us working faster. A solid box all around.

  2. BEAST review by ADC on 9/7/18

    This product has increased our production and efficiencies tenfold. Couldn't be happier with the experience dealing with Asphalt Kingdom and the product is top of the line.

  3. A Definite Upgrade from our Gingway review by Elite Asphalt Maintenance on 8/11/18

    We picked up this RY30 to work on residential driveways. It's been a great piece of equipment. We had a 55-minute drive and we left the burners on low while we travelled: when we got to the job site we could just get to work.

  4. Thumbs Up! review by Sgt Sealcoat on 8/11/18

    Crew is happy with the new Ryno Worx 30 Gallon Melter. Thanks @asphaltkingdom @juddburdon for getting it to us so quickly!
    RY30 30 Gallon Crackfill Melter

    - SGT Sealcoat, NJ

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RY30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Oven Our 30 gallon asphalt crack fill melter kettle is designed to melt blocks of hot rubberized direct fire asphalt crack filler. RA-MLT-0008 RY30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Oven 1799 Asphalt Kingdom