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Echo Backpack Blower


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  • EchoPB-460LN EchoPB-460LN

Echo Backpack Blower

Quick Overview

Durable and quiet, this Echo Backpack Blower is perfect for easy driveway clean-up!

This Echo Backpack blower is powerful and quiet!

The Bottom Line

Powered by a 44 cc Power Boost Tornado™ this two-stroke engine delivers the power needed to clear asphalt, concrete, and yards. Plus, with the patented sound attenuation technology, this Echo Backpack Blower will get the job done quickly without all of the loud noise! The noise level measures at an amazing 65 dB(A).

This is a comfortable and easily portable gas-powered blower that is fuel-efficient and powerful. In asphalt driveway maintenance, it’s critical to have a clean, debris-free surface before doing any crack repair or sealcoating. This unit will fit easily in the truck, and get the job done quickly, professionally, and quietly. Same applies for sports fields and parking lots. Line striping can’t start until the debris is removed, and a blower is the fastest and easiest way to get the work done.

Not just for contractors, this backpack style is perfect for property managers and homeowners, too. Why spend your whole day raking and sweeping leaves when you can get the chores done in a fraction of the time with this unit?

Features of Echo Backpack Blower

  • The throttle is hip-mounted (left side) and features cruise control and several speeds.
  • Padded backrest and easy-to-adjust shoulder straps.
  • High quality commercial air filter (automotive style).
  • The light, durable roll-cage frame gives you maximum engine and component protection yet still allows for maintenance service.
Model Number PB460LN
Engine Displacement 44 cc
Carburetor (w/ purge pump) Diaphragm
Starting System Standard
Fuel Capacity 64 fl oz
See-Through Fuel Tank Standard
Helper Handle Standard
Average Air Volume
- Pipe
380 cfm
Average Air Volume
- Housing
800 cfm
Average Air Speed 175 mph
db(A) 65
Dimensions 19.5"W x 17"D x 21"H
Dry Weight 26.4 lbs
Consumer Warranty 5 years
Commercial Warranty 2 years

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Echo Backpack Blower This Echo Backpack blower is powerful and quiet! Free shipping and no sales tax. PB460LN Echo Backpack Blower 600 Asphalt Kingdom