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Welcome to the Asphalt Kingdom Blog, your #1 asphalt blog for sealcoating articles, industry news, and more. Asphalt contractors can benefit from our tips, business insights, and sales advice. Homeowners and property owners can learn more about asphalt and property maintenance trends. Our experts will give their opinions on the latest industry topics and videos. They also provide help on keeping your asphalt and equipment maintained properly.

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  • Asphalt Welding: A Great Money-Maker

    If you have an asphalt sealcoating business, you can make even more money through a simple little service offering. Let's face it: you're already going to driveways and parking lots and you're already doing the crack filling and the seal coating. I want to teach you another little piece that you can actually profit from tremendously. Asphalt welding is a really simple service offering. Here is how it goes: municipalities and different townships repave streets every several years. They cut out the curbs or they lay in new curbs. And while they do that, they cut out the bottom footing of the driveway, the residential driveways. They cut back usually 6 to 10 feet. Well, what happens is, they repave that area once they redo the street, and when they repave it, you end up with a big black new strip of smooth, brand new asphalt. It looks very, very strange when it's butting up against the old oxidized gray asphalt of driveways that are the existing driveways. You'll get that seam where the new asphalt meets the old asphalt, that one seam that runs across the driveway allows water to get in, freeze and expand cause further damage or...
  • Choose Large Stencil Letters for Your Painting Business

    Do you have a painting business? If you are looking for a way to expand your business and add more clients, it might be time to consider adding something new to your services. A great way to find extra clients around town is to offer things such as parking lot and curb painting. You will find there is more to painting a parking lot than just striping. Why Add Stencils to the Business? Let’s look at some of the best reasons to start adding this type of service to your painting business. You will quickly see that it could be a very good idea. First, you have the potential for quite a bit more business. Take a moment to think about the various areas in your location that might need to have stenciled painting in the parking lots, or even along the curbs. You can solicit these businesses as a part of your marketing. Adding them can help to keep your company nice and busy. Second, it’s a relatively simple thing to do and to learn. You will not have to spend a lot of time learning a brand-new skill, as it is essentially something you already do. Not only...
  • Choose the Right Letter Stencils for Painting

    Whether you need to paint an address on the curb in front of your home or you are a professional painting parking spaces and roadways, you need to make sure you have the right stencils for the job. Trying to paint without stencils is simply not possible, at least if you want the writing to be legible. You can find a range of stencil options and kits that can help you with the job. However, you should have a good idea of just what you need before buying. The following information can help make sure you are choosing the best stencils for your needs. Curbs If you need to paint an address on a curb, the best bet is to choose letters and numbers that are between three inches and four inches high. This ensures that they will fit onto the curb, and that they are still going to be very visible. This can help with things such as deliveries, for example. You want the stencils that you choose to be very clear and legible. Parking Space Those who are painting a parking space need to make sure that they go quite a bit larger with any numbers or letters...
  • Judson Burdon Speaks To MBA Class About Starting Your Own Business

    Speaking at the University of Utah's MBA Class I had the great pleasure to speak not once, but twice, this week at the University Of Utah’s MBA class about how to start your own business. Not only was it exciting to share with a room of students that being your own boss gives you the best job security in tough economic times, but it was also very exciting to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive and well in the West! By starting your very own business, you put control of your job security and your hours in your hands. The amount of work you put in will equal the amount of satisfaction - and money - you take out. You will never enjoy that level of control, pride, and achievement working for a corporation. Here is a perfect example. Henry is 16.  His father set Henry and two friends up with a Business In A Box for less than $5000 as well as a Powrliner 850 Linestriping Machine for less than $2000. With some linestriping paint and stencils, that’s everything these teens need to get started with their own driveway sealing company.  Unlike some teen businesses...
  • Asphalt Art: AK's Top 25 Asphalt Arts And Laughs

    Because asphalt is my work and my passion, I love to look at the amazing asphalt art that is out there. From linestriping humor to bollard art to pothole filling, these artists have gone the extra pavement mile to make us laugh, ogle, think, and enjoy. Nothing brightens the day better than humor that tickles your work funny-bone. Here’s our top 25 Asphalt Arts And Laughs. Enjoy! Piano Keys Pavement Art Wouldn’t this be the perfect parking lot crosswalk for a business with music lessons? Pac-man Sidewalk Art Or how about this pedestrian crossing for a gaming store? Dandelion Street Art These parking lot lines ending in dandelion fluff are fanciful, artistic, and open up a whole host of ideas for linestriping art. Playful Street Graffiti Can’t you just see using this idea in your next parking lot job like this? For instance at the exit when there’s multiple check out lanes would be perfect. 3D Street Art This is an intersection where it’s impossible to miss the crossing, and looks great too. No Parking Sharks What better way to mark a no-parking zone than with sharks, using fin-bollards? Sidewalk Art Never would have imagined a coughing sewer drain, but...
  • Spray Tip Sizes

    How To Choose The Right Size For Sealcoating

    When it comes to sealcoating spray tips, knowing which size to use can make the difference between a professional, profitable job and a messy, time-consuming one. With tips being the most often replaced part on your spray system, knowing which spray tip sizes you should have on hand is critical.

    Impatient? Skip right to the Spray Tip Size Chart »

    Choosing spray tip sizes Continue reading

  • Asphalt Sealcoating System Tip: Losing Pressure at the Spray Tip

    Have you suddenly lost pressure at the spray tip of your sealcoating machine? There are a few different reasons why this can happen.

    Reason 1: Sealer Dilution

    Losing Pressure at the Sealcoating Spray Tip?

    The first reason could be that the sealer is too thick or has been over diluted: Sealer is sold as a concentrate, therefore all sealer must be diluted with 10% to a max of 15% water dilution. That means for every 100 gallons of concentrate, you need to add 10 to 15 gallons worth of water. This will allow the sealer to move through the hoses and pump in a diluted liquid form. If the sealer is over diluted with water it could risk having air bubbles in it which would make your pump lose its prime. In this case add more concentrate to bring it back to its 10% to 15% dilution rate.

    We always recommend that you add the water to the spray system tank prior to transferring sealer concentrate over to the tank. Mixing it thoroughly and making sure your sealer is diluted will allow you to have a sealer that is at a dilution level that can be sprayed with a spray system. Also, the Asphalt Kingdom sealer contains anti-foaming agents; diluting this formula with too much water will make the anti-foaming agents less effective.

    If you’re applying the sealer by hand with a squeegee or sealer brush dilution is not as necessary because it can be applied in a viscous state.

    Reason 2: Blockage in the Sprayer

    Sealcoating sprayer pipe blockedThe second reason why a sealer spray system may not be spraying is because the unit may have blockage down at the main suction pipe. The suction pipe connects to the very bottom of the tank and runs to the suction port of the pump. Continue reading

  • Water Evaporation in Sealcoating Tanks

    Did you know that water evaporates from your sealcoat tank dropping the level of your sealer over time? As a sealcoater you should always use a dip stick and check the level of your sealer when you store your unit at the end of the day. When you go to use your sealcoat machine again simply recheck the level of your sealer and refill (with water) it back to its original storage level. This will allow you to maintain the dilution rate of your sealer so it doesn't get too thick and create pump/spraying issues and it will also increase your profits as you won't be losing mixed product through evaporation. Check the level of your sealer before storage and after storage; refill with water to restore your tank to its pre-storage levels.
  • Avoid Asphalt Scams Simply And Easily: What You Need To Know

    Avoid Asphalt Scams: Hire A Reputable Sealcoating Company Every year the police issue warnings to avoid asphalt scams, and the newspapers publish the warning. Rarely do they actually give you any idea on how to hire a reputable driveway sealing company. Let us go over exactly how to be sure that you are hiring the right people to seal asphalt, and not being taken advantage of. Make A Phone Call Or Two: Any company should have a phone number, so call it. You can tell a lot about how the phone is answered, and whether they are willing to answer your questions on how much it costs. Don’t hesitate to ask for references. The easiest way to avoid asphalt scams is to see work they have completed, and talk to their customers. Any reputable driveway sealing company will be happy to do this. Social Media Tip: If they have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website, etc. check it out. Look at the comments people have made. Also a quick internet search on the company name can tell you a lot! Myth #1: Asphalt Companies Will Never Go Door-To-Door: This is absolutely a myth. Both good, and bad, contractors will come to...
  • How To Care For Sealcoating Machines

    Sealcoating machines are your most important tool for caring for asphalt, so you must make time to maintain your sealcoating equipment to ensure it will continue to operate at the high standard you demand. As with any machinery, there are important parts that require maintenance, or you run the risk having to stop to repair or replace parts just when you need your seal coating machines the most: in the middle of a job. When And Why Should You Empty The Sealer Tank? Most importantly you must empty the tank before you shut down for the season to winterize your equipment. However, any time you won’t be using your sealcoating machines for a few days, it is far better to store the sealant in air-tight drums, rather than in the tank, to keep it from hardening and spoiling. At that point it’s great maintenance of your seal coating machines to wash out the tank with water, and run it with water in the system, to prevent hard chunks from forming on the sides. Time-Saving Tip: Installing a filter kit is a great way to keep your spray system running smoothly. Inspect Your Hoses Daily Your sealcoating equipment depends most heavily...

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