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Plate Compactor

Plate Compactor shown with optional kick stand, optional lower handle, optional Driveway Zipper and optional water system.

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A mini plate compactor for hard-to-reach places where you need powerful tamping.

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Our mini-plate compactor helps you get surfaces tamped down no matter how difficult they are to reach! Compact dirt, asphalt - even crushed stone! The awesome vertical force of the vibrating plate will focus energy down into the ground without wasting an ounce.

The Bottom Line

We've all been there - how do you effectively tamp down asphalt around piping, drainage, electrical wires, and so on? How about trying to set the footing for a rock wall? What do you do if there are contours in the surface that you need to tamp over?

With the new mini plate compactor, you can do all of those things with ease. No more wasting time with a hand tamping! Our aluminum construction keeps things light and easy to handle. We've also got vibration isolation so you'll be comfortable using the compactor over extended periods of time.

Compactor HeadThe mini vibrating plate has a special weighted design so that it stays perfectly balanced, laser-focusing the energy down into the tamping. The impact shoe articulates from front to back, helping you with complicated contoured work - and best of all, it's replaceable, so if you wear it out you can save money by just replacing that one part.

Add the Optional Lower Handle and (in addition to the standard operator handle that comes with the unit) and you have the option of carrying the unit with one hand.

Add the Optional Water System and get a two-quart plastic tank with a shut off valve. This valve, when properly adjusted for flow, will last for 20 minutes of operation. The two nozzles will never plug and are completely adjustable when changing from the quick release flat plate to the Driveway Zipper, no tools are required when adjusting.

Add the Optional Kickstand - a perfect height to fueling, starting and filling the water system. Their is no need for laying the Double Impact on the ground. With the turn of the kick stand handle the kick stand folds toward the vibrating head and locks. The all aluminum stand and billet style clamp is a perfect fit for the Double Impact.

Add the Optional Zipper Plate for edging driveways.

Add the Optional Honda GX25 Engine and get increased horsepower, displacement and more, including:

Standard Equipment
Engine Power 0.7kw/6500-7000rpm with vibration isolation (see options for 4 stroke Honda)
Fuel Mix Ratio25:1
Total Unit Weight30 poundss
Maximum Vibration 7000 rotations per minute (RPM); adjustable knob
Effective Force400 lbs (7Krpm)
Standard Plate Size7" x 7", 1/2" radius on all 4 sides

See the mini plate compactor in action!

Plate Compactor Looking for a small plate compactor that can get into those truly hard to reach places? The AK plate compactor does it all! Free shipping. JPC80 Plate Compactor 1450 Asphalt Kingdom
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