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Tip Clean

Tip Clean


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Tip Clean

Quick Overview

Titan's Tip Clean saves tips from getting clogged and spraying unevenly.

Like any machine you use, your airless spray gun must be properly maintained in order to ensure it works properly and lasts a long time. One of the most important aspects of the maintenance process is cleaning your spray tips.

Over time, frequent use of your airless spray gun will result in the spray tips becoming clogged with paint residue. If this excess dried paint isn’t cleaned off and removed from your spray tips, it will result in uneven spraying. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you’ll need a good cleaning solution that keeps your spray tips working properly at all times.

At Asphalt Kingdom, we recommend that you use Titan’s Tip Clean to keep your spray tips in great shape. This cleaning solution removes paint residue from inside your spray tips, ensuring the best results for your spray jobs. This cleaning product is essential for any parking lot owner or line striping professional.

Tip Clean from Titan is a convenient way to save your tips from getting clogged and spraying unevenly. The unique hourglass shape of the bottle gives you an easy handgrip, and provides a unique way of cleaning your tips. Place your spray tips into the bottle, turn the bottle upside down, and the tip cleaning solution will soak your tips. Turn the bottle back over to drain the tip cleaning solution into its reservoir, and your tips will be clean.

Experience the following benefits when you use Titan’s Tip Clean:

  • Hourglass design makes it easy to clean your airless spray tips
  • Spray tips are safely stored during the cleaning process
  • Tip Clean removes paint residue, ensuring your spray gun will work properly and last a long time

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Tip Clean Tip Clean from Titan is a convenient way to save your tips from getting clogged and spraying unevenly. Titan tip clean is a must with any line striper. 314-207 Tip Clean 40 Asphalt Kingdom