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6 HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower - Subaru Engine


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6 HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower - Subaru Engine

Quick Overview

6HP Billy Goat Gas Wheel Blower is perfect for cleaning asphalt surfaces.
1 Year Warranty!The 6HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower is perfect for pavement surface prep with easy debris and leaf removal.

The Bottom Line

Powerful Wheel Blower with Aim'N'Shoot Technology

The 6hp Billy Goat Force Wheel Blower is a high-performance, lightweight blower that works hard to blast away leaves, sticks, dirt and dust from driveways and parking lots - all with much less noise than you would expect for something with its power.

The patented “Aim-n-Shoot” feature means you can direct the air flow while you're working - no need to stop to change directions. Add all this to comfortable, functional handles, workhorse wheels, and a quiet dba rating and you're working faster and easier than ever. 

Having the housing elevated and suspended adds to the smooth performance and prevents it from dragging on lawns or other rough terrain. The reinforced ribbing will absorb an astonishing 300lbs of force per 2.5" section without adding weight to the unit: you get more work with less effort.

The improved larger rear wheels and stronger handle mean you'll be thrilled with how much easier it is to push and maneuver through tricky areas than its larger competitors. Weighs just 78lbs when it's full.

Featuring a 1-year engine warranty.

Powered By 6.0 Horsepower Subaru EX Overhead Cam
Fuel Capacity 2.1 Quarts
Performance 198 miles per hour
Glass Filled Nylon Impeller 16-inch, 16-blade
Glass Filled Nylon Impeller Polyethylene
Weight of Blower 76 pounds
Exhaust 3.5 inches from the side
Front Wheel (semi-pneumatic) 8 inches by 3 inches
Rear Wheels (pneumatic) 10 inches by 3.5 inches
Length (inches) 26
Width (inches) 22
Height (inches) 45 (handle only)
Height (Blower, No Handle) 26 inches

Download the 6 HP Blower Manual

See an example of the Billy Goat Family in action!

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6 HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower - Subaru Engine The 6HP Billy Goat Force Wheel Blower will blow away dirt, leaves and debris with hurricane force winds. Prep asphalt surfaces for maintenance. 6HPBG 6 HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower - Subaru Engine 929 Asphalt Kingdom