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Asphalt Job for Teens & Entrepreneurs

Learn the steps that need to be taken for any asphalt maintenance.

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It’s difficult not to be concerned about the growing rate of unemployment and the steady stream of layoff announcements being made by many of the world’s leading companies. More and more, individuals are realizing that the best job security can be found in establishing their own business where they can directly reap the financial rewards of dedication and hard work. One of the most promising, growth industries to start a business in is asphalt repair and maintenance. Many budding entrepreneurs are quickly discovering that owning their own company that specializes in asphalt jobs can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative.

At Asphalt Kingdom, we are dedicated to helping men and women who see the growth potential in asphalt jobs and want to start their own businesses.

Table of Contents

How an Asphalt Sealing Job Changed My Life

Hi! My name is Judd Burdon, the founder of AsphaltKingdom.com. AsphaltKingdom.com is now the most trafficked and popular asphalt maintenance site in the world and recognized as the best result to fulfill someone's asphalt maintenance search at www.google.com.

I would like to give you some background on who I am and how you can make a great living or part time income from an asphalt sealing job.

When I was 18 I got a part time job selling for a paving company that did driveways. It didn't take me long to figure out that if these guys were willing to pay me a 20% commission on all my sales, that there was some real serious money in this business. I was selling over $5,000 worth of sealcoating jobs weekly. If you do the calculations, I was 18 years old and making $1,000 per week in commissions.

I got together with my dad and told him what I was doing and asked him what he thought of it – Dad quizzed me about a few things and then he asked me "Why aren't you selling for yourself?"

That's all I needed to hear. I borrowed $5000.00 from my Dad which allow me to buy some sealcoating equipment.

I bought an old trailer that I pulled behind my 86 diesel Jetta and I bought a simple electric pressure sprayer, that wasn't designed for Asphalt sealer (again, I learned this the hard way). I bought a 45 gallon drum of liquid asphalt sealer, (which was less than great quality as it turned out) and I bought a case of asphalt crack filler. Off I went — selling door to door.

I had no plan, no help, other than from my dad lending me the money — but believe it or not — through hard work and learning – I succeeded.

At the end of an 8 hr day I had sold and completed between 5 and 10 driveways at an average price of $150.00 per driveway. I couldn't believe it.

Don't forget I was only 18, with basically no sales and marketing experience, and no business experience at all. Yet I was able to make between $500 and $750 per day sealcoating asphalt driveways.

Judd Burdon Asphalt Job

I worked hard, and learned through my mistakes and re-invested and got better and bigger equipment to increase my productivity and got to the point where I started to specify my own asphalt sealer products and sealcoating marketing materials to help increase my sealcoating business conversion, which ultimately meant more money at the end of the day.

Everything I learned about asphalt came the hard way and that's why I decided to create AsphaltKingdom.com.

Boy oh boy, do I ever wish I would have had someone to give me all the answers back when I started. I can just imagine how far ahead I would be today!

Now with AsphaltKingdom.com, I help others start their own businesses. I even helped 16-year-old Henry with his first asphalt job ever and inspired students at the University of Utah. Read on for how you can start your own business like I did.

How Much Can You Earn?

Find out how much you can earn as a sealcoater The simple truth is – It's up to you.

If you are prepared to spend a little time reading and follow our free step by step Asphalt Maintenance course. . . If you are prepared to knock on doors and make sales and work hard on your asphalt job. . . then you can expect to earn over a $1000 a week in profit.

Whether you are a student wanting to do something more than work at a fast food restaurant, or you're an able bodied person who wants to run their own business rather than work for someone else, or you're looking for a weekend business that will allow you to put some extra cash in your pocket…the AK Business in a Box solution is the solution you should consider.

If you are like most of our clients, you are looking for a way to start making money from Day 1. By providing you with instant earning power and an exceptional return on investment with this business package, you will be able to make your money back fast.

It's not magic – It's basic math.

Your investment pays for itself in a very short timeframe and you get positive cash flow from Day 1. You follow the AK system and processes. You are disciplined and you are successful.

Here's an example of the 'basic math' - AK ships you four 55 gallon AK 'liquid gold' seal coat drums on a pallet. This provides you with more than enough seal coat to do twenty-five 600 square foot driveways (2 cars long by 2 cars wide). The cost to you of the four 55 gallon drums including the cost of shipping to your door is $1260 US dollars.

The average price you would charge a client to seal coat their 600 square foot driveway is between $125 and $150 for each asphalt job.

This means that you will make sales that total $125 x 25 = $3125. You total cost for the product was $1260. You make a gross profit of $1865 on an investment of $1260 ($77 per 600 sq ft. driveway).

You can do more than 4 sales / driveways a day . . . but let's be conservative and say that you do 25 in a week. A gross profit of $1865 in a week on a cost of $1260 is an excellent return on investment and allows you to decide how quickly you want to pay off your initial cost of investment for the AK Business in a Box package.

Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Teenagers doing an asphalt job with their own business equipment A common predicament for high school and college students is how best to find summer jobs that provide both a decent salary and useful business experience.

Unfortunately, many teenagers looking for summer work result to flipping burgers or waiting tables to earn a few extra dollars when school isn’t in session. Most of these opportunities are not particularly rewarding, nor considered fun summer jobs for teenagers.

Starting a business is a dream for many go-getter students who hope to make good money and learn valuable business skills in the process. Achieving this dream can be difficult when time and money is tight, but there is a solution to find summer jobs that many students have discovered that requires only a minimal investment and has incredible earning potential.

Make it Fun

For most students, fun summer jobs for teenagers are those that allow a flexible schedule, the ability to work outdoors, and the chance to earn enough money to save for college and have some left over for going out with friends. This business opportunity meets these criteria and then some!

In fact, many sealcoating business owners make up to $300 in a single evening or up to $5,000 per week. Yes, you can make in one week what you might make over the course of the entire summer working a minimum wage job.

Asphalt Kingdom helped 16-year-old Henry with his first asphalt job

See how Asphalt Kingdom helped 16-year-old Henry with his asphalt business

A Business Package

With our sealcoating “Business in a Box” package, any student with the motivation and desire to make money can quickly start their own part-time or full-time summer business.

Unlike other fun summer jobs for teenagers like life guarding, babysitting, or office internships, this unique summer work opportunity provides all the equipment, materials, and business development tools to operate and manage a company that is affiliated with Asphalt Kingdom, the leading supplier of asphalt repair and maintenance. Unlike other franchise opportunities, Asphalt Kingdom’s Business in a Box has no franchise or royalty fees.

Why is Asphalt Kingdom’s Business in a Box among the most successful as well as fun summer jobs for teenagers? We believe it’s because we’ve spent the last decade perfecting this opportunity, learning the ins and outs of the industry, and developing the tools to make our franchisees successful. We’ve developed the best equipment and products and created the marketing tools, labor strategies, and sales solutions to make a package that generates immediate, profit-making results.

If you are a teenager researching fun summer jobs for teens that actually pay well, give the experts at Asphalt Kingdom a call at 1-866-399-5562 to learn more. We can answer all of your questions and give you advice on starting your own asphalt sealcoating business.


If you’re looking to start your own business and be your own boss, our sealcoating packages and equipment are just some of the tools you need for a successful start.

With your own sealcoating business, you’ll get to make your own hours, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll be working outdoors on good-weather days rather than sitting inside at a desk for 8 hours a day.

Part-Time Contractors

If you want to start a side business so you can earn more money, lawn care is probably the first thing to come to mind. If you’re not fond of cutting grass, sealcoating is likely the next best thing.

Many of our customers start their business on a part-time basis to get up and running while they continue to work full-time. However, after making $200 to $300 on weekend or evening asphalt paving jobs, most realize that their asphalt crack repair or sealcoat business can generate far more money than most 8 to 5 jobs. Do you want to learn more about how you can start making money from asphalt jobs; give Asphalt Kingdom a call today at 1-866-399-5562.

Business in a Box

Sealcoating Business Package This sealcoating business package includes a sealcoat machine, coal tar sealer, a crack melter applicator, and crack filler. We also provide you with our four-day asphalt maintenance course, and the opportunity to list your business on our widely-viewed company directory. There simply is no other franchise business opportunity quite like this one. With no catches, gimmicks, annual fees, contracts, or royalties to pay, you can start your own business affordably and begin making $1,000 per week or more from asphalt jobs right away.

We know that every business requires smart marketing to succeed; especially in this challenging economy. This is why we also include our Marketing Package with this business opportunity. We give you the tools to effectively sell your services including an asphalt maintenance flyer template, door hangers, invoice template, before and after photos, demo video, and strategy guidelines. We also provide free technical support to ensure you have all the answers for your customers.

The Business in a Box truly enables you to avoid the headaches and pitfalls of starting a business and begin making money from a tried and true business opportunity.

Free Advice

Want more information? Have questions? Want to discuss the driveway sealer opportunity? Call us toll free at 1-866-399-5562 or send us an email. You'll be speaking with an asphalt seal coat expert, not some sales person trying to sell you anything……our goal is to answer your questions and provide you with answers and advice that you can count on.

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