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All-In Package for Asphalt Maintenance

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Add AK Make it a Biz Success Pack - Free With Purchase

Unlock your asphalt maintenance business's full potential with the AK Make it a Biz Success Pack, equipping you with expert-crafted tools and exclusive access to the AK Roundtable for accelerated growth and profitable opportunities. Learn More
Make it a Biz Success Pack
Make it a Biz Success Pack
Get the right tools to be successful from day one: you'll have everything for maintaining asphalt surfaces for professional-quality work. Read more
Ready to go all in and make asphalt maintenance your career? This package has everything a serious contractor needs.
  • Seal, crackfill & stripe
  • Easy to break even & earn more
  • Sustainable business
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Make It a Bundle

Starting at: $28,660.95
Hedgehog Asphalt Crack Sidewalk Cleaner & Lawn Edger
Speed up crack cleaning & grass trimming for your surface prep! Make sure that crack filler sticks properly by prepping pavement cracks with the Hedgehog Asphalt Crack Sidewalk Cleaner & Lawn Edger.
9 HP Billy Goat Gas Blower w/ Honda Engine

Clearing pavement and cracks is a blast with this quiet, powerful 9 HP gas blower.

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RY10 PRO Asphalt Melter Applicator Machine
$1,699.00 $1,899.00
You save $200
Simple 3-step process: load, heat and go. Seal up to 3,500 feet of cracks a day.
Deery Super Stretch Crack Filler - 75 Boxes / 2,250 lbs

Save 70% buying Deery Super Stretch crack filler by the pallet. Ideal for roads, parking lots, airport runways, and other asphalt surfaces. Dries fast. Flexible in cold temperatures.

  • Buy 4 for $1,999.75 each and save $250
AirBoss 300 Pro Spray System - Portable Seal Machine

Get the Portable Seal Machine – AirBoss 300 Pro Air-Operated Sealcoat Spray System!

Same great sealcoating equipment but comes with upgrades including: 100' of hose (from 75'), transfer kit, and maintenance kit – everything a pro needs to get the job done.

Please call for shipping quote.

Wand Wizard Edger For Sealcoating
$299.00 $349.00
You save $50
Protect your client's property with this one simple attachment! Designed for professional pavement contractors, this sealcoat edger keeps all overspray off of retaining walls, building siding, and vehicles.
Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skid (Four 55 Gallon Drums)
$1,659.00 $2,636.00
You save $977
Save 20% when buying a pallet of ready-to-use Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat for your asphalt sealcoating projects.
  • Buy 4 for $1,499.75 each and save $1137
PowrLiner PL3500S Striping Machine

The PowrLiner 3500S is a top-of-the-line striping machine that includes 2 guns: a striping gun and a dedicated stencil gun.

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Commercial Stencil Package

Commercial stencils kit with a combination of stencils for parking lot owners and property managers.
39-inch handicap stencil

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