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Learn How to Start a Successful Sealcoating Business


With more than 20 years of experience in the asphalt maintenance industry, I've learned all the ins, outs and secrets of building successful sealcoating businesses and ultimately experiencing freedom.

It’s easy to earn $500+ daily and you don't need any experience to get started.

We have all the marketing templates, guides and more in our learning center (link to learning center) and we have the turnkey sealcoating business package that includes everything you need to start your own successful business.

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We see our customers as partners. The more that our customers succeed, the more we succeed. It's a win win. Ongoing support is key and we don't leave you in the fog.

I get it! I was just like you once - hard-working, ambitious, and running in circles - for somebody else. Then I started my own asphalt sealcoating company and I became known as the Asphalt King. In three short years I went from going-nowhere-fast to having 4 rigs and a crew of 17 men working for me. You could, too.

Look around you - it's hard to go anywhere without seeing asphalt isn't it? And that asphalt needs sealed, repaired, and painted year in and year out. This isn't a flash-in-the-pan home business where you are selling something trendy that will die out in a year or two - this is a career that will last you as long as you want to work at it.

Who Can Do This? Anyone with ambition - old, young - it doesn't matter. You bring the motivation, we'll help you with the rest.

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Training Courses

A series of 9 no-fluff videos, taking you from soup to nuts through starting up your own asphalt business and growing it to a huge success. Find out what equipment you need, and how to use it.

Start Your Business Guides

Our videos and emails take you through costing jobs, finding profitable neighborhoods, and how to organize your business for success. You get a business degree without the tuition.

Grow Your Business Guides

Every successful business has a strategy and a plan. We give you both so that you create a recurring revenue stream with your business. Find out the tools the big companies use.


Business Calculators

Pricing widgets for sealer, crackfill, paint, and more. Answer a few questions and you'll know exactly what you need to charge to be profitable - every time.

Invoice and Quote Generators

Create professional quotes and invoices for your customers right from your account. Upload your logo, print PDFs or create Excel spreadsheets for your clients.

Membership Discounts

Special Access to the exclusive AK Contractor's Club. You'll get special pricing on our products, and branding that will put you miles ahead of your competitors.

Advice/Support Hotline

We're passionate about helping you succeed. We don't leave you in the fog - if you have questions, call us!

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