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Lock in Your Season's Sealcoating Profits With The Asphalt Seasonal Checkup

Asphalt Spring CheckupFive things you can do now to increase your profitability this season.

1. Success Starts with the Right Equipment in the Right Condition

It's critical to start with an equipment checkup. Begin by testing your pump and engine, hose, valve, spray gun, tank and checking over your spray tips.

Taking the time to look over your sealcoating spray system can potentially save you hours of time and thousands of dollars of downtime.

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure that your AK spray system is in tip top shape for the new sealcoating season.

Engine check:

  • Check your spark plug on your motor. It never hurts to put a new plug in for a fresh start to your season.
  • Check your oil. It's always wise to change the oil in your motor. We recommend that you change your oil after approximately 200 hours of operation.
  • Check your air filter on your motor. Make sure that the air filter is free of dust, dirt and debris. You can use a shop vac or wash it in your sink with some dish soap.
  • Check your gas tank. Take a flash light and look in your main gas tank. If you see dirt and debris in the bottom of your tank you may want to consider disconnecting your fuel line from the bottom of the tank and drain the tank completely. This will prevent future carburetor blockage and prevent your system from stalling out on you.

Pump Check:

  • Remove the main plug from the top of your pump and fill the pump to the rim with water. Screw the plug back into the pump and dry the outside of the pump with a towel. Leave the pump sitting for 15 minutes or so and then check the external body of the pump around the seals for any leakage.
  • We always recommend that you start the season off with new pump seals and an impeller. We call this the "AK Pump Rebuild Kit". It includes all of the pump seals and your main impeller. It is extremely easy to replace the seals and impeller on your existing pump and it will allows your sealcoating system to remain leak free and spray with optimum pressure.

Hose check:

  • Check your sealcoating hoses foot by foot to be sure there aren't any splits, cracks or wear spots that can potentially burst and create a real mess.
  • Check all your hose clamps and camlock couplers to be sure that they are intact and creating water tight seals.

Valve check:

  • Gently turn your valves by hand. Move them around and be sure that they are moving freely.
  • Check all your ball valves for any cracks that can potentially leak on your while the system is operating.

Spray Gun check:

  • If you have a ball valve-styled spray gun we recommend checking your ball valve to be sure it is not seized or not opening to its full potential.
  • If you have a trigger-styled spray gun we recommend checking your trigger spring handle to be sure it is not sticking in the "ON" position. Also check the handle for any leaks.

Spray Tips:

  • Make sure that you have enough spray tips to last the season. We always recommend having 10 to 12 new spray tips to start your season.

Tank check:

  • Drain any remaining sealer or water from your tank.
  • Take a garden hose and fill your tank half way with water.
  • Start your engine and put your AK spray system to the "Recirculation Mode". Let the water recirculate in your system and flush through the hoses for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Turn your spray syetms to the "Spray Mode" and spray the water out of the spray gun into an empty drum or on your driveway to practice your spray pattern.
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