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Learn To Patch Asphalt In A Few Easy Steps

patch asphaltPatching potholes that formed on your asphalt driveway is a simple repair process that anyone can do. At present, there are products that have made driveway repair jobs easier and much cheaper to do by ordinary homeowners, even those who are not normally into DIY home improvement projects. One of these products is the Cold Asphalt Patch, a cold pothole filler that has simplified pothole repair into three easy steps.

The first step is to remove any soil, debris, or loose asphalt pieces found inside the pothole. If the pothole has loose or crumbling edges, smoothen those out with a chisel until the edge is solid asphalt. When you patch asphalt, this cleaning step is very important. Making sure that the pothole is clean will ensure that the repair job will last and the pothole will not reappear after a few months.

Next, pour a first layer of the Cold Asphalt Patch into the pothole. Tamp it down with a tamping post or a shovel. This action will pack in the patching product tightly in the hole and remove air pockets. After this, fill up the pothole with the Cold Asphalt Patch all the way to the top until a small mound has formed. The third step when you patch asphalt with this product is to do a final tamping. You can use the tamping post or even your car. Drive your car back and forth over the mound until it is level with the ground.

The simplicity of the repairs when done with this product compared to the when you use the traditional hot asphalt may make you think that the results might be not as permanent. On the contrary, repairing with the Cold Asphalt Patch will give you the same results. This product is basically hot asphalt that has been cooled down. Thus, when you patch asphalt with this product, it will bond with your asphalt driveway simply because they are of similar materials.

Aside from simplifying the repair process, the Cold Asphalt Patch also has several other advantages that homeowners can benefit from. It is cheaper because you don’t have to buy equipment to melt asphalt and apply it. Besides, asphalt melter applicators are not cost-effective for homeowners as these won’t be used often. Since you are not using hot asphalt, repairing an asphalt driveway is much safer as well. You will not get exposed to fumes and hot temperatures when you patch asphalt potholes with this product.

With hot asphalt, you need to make sure that the ground is very dry, which means that you have to wait for a few days if it has been raining. In contrast, the Cold Asphalt Patch can be applied even when the pothole has some water in it. The traditional way of using hot asphalt also requires the driveway to be closed off to traffic for a few hours while waiting for the asphalt to dry up. This inconvenience is completely gone with the Cold Asphalt Patch. When you patch asphalt with this product, it sets inside the pothole quickly and can be as hard as rock in just three hours.

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