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Refill for U Crack Fill Squeegee



Refill for the U shaped Squeegee and Socket for Crack Filling. Add as a Back up.

In Stock.

Keep a refill on hand for your U Crack Fill Squeegee so you’re never caught out on the job without it. Its deep, U-shaped cavity funnels the material into the crack efficiently and can be used as a push or pull squeegee by connecting the strong, wooden handle in one direction or the other.

The durable neoprene rubber blade can be used in cold or hot applications and is part of a tool set created with professional grade materials that last and ensure professional results. Neoprene is an excellent rubber compound for outdoor use since it’s weather-resistant in all types of conditions. It also resists moderate chemicals, petroleum-based fluids, oils, fats, greases and many solvents.

The U Crack Fill Squeegee tool (and back-up refill) is ideal for use with Asphalt Kingdom’s liquid crack filler, pooling it into the U shaped “funnel” and pulling or pushing it into the deepest cracks, creating a level surface. Easily maintain any driveway, parking lot or roadway with tools that get the job done right.

The Bottom Line

Order your refill for the U Crack Fill Squeegee and have a back-up blade on hand when you’re out on the job. You’ll easily fill the deep cracks, work more efficiently, create a smooth surface with great results.

Dimensions: 12" x 2"
Weight: 1 lb

Refill for U Crack Fill Squeegee Get a fresh finish. Work more efficiently with a new U-shaped refill blade for U Crack Fill Squeegee. AK-SS24UR Refill for U Crack Fill Squeegee 27.5 Asphalt Kingdom
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