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Coaltar: Is It The Best Asphalt Sealer?

Coaltar has been used as an asphalt sealer for over 60 years, but is it the best asphalt sealer choice to use for your blacktop needs? After all, why use anything less than the best product possible for the job? Let’s consider the pros and cons so when you choose to sealcoat asphalt, you will know exactly what choice you are making.

Why Do We Use Asphalt In The First Place?

coaltar for asphalt sealingOnce upon a time, we built roads by laying down rocks and gravel. Although this worked, heavy vehicles and rain made a mess of things. The solution? Create a solid - but flexible - layer on top of that rocky road that would hold things together.

The best answer for this is asphalt, which is why you see roads made of blacktop, and not cement. Cement is just not flexible enough and cracks. It also doesn’t stand up to drastic temperature changes – the kind more than half the population of the country sees every year.

So where does coaltar come in? And is it the best asphalt sealer?

Why Not Use An Asphalt Emulsion To Seal?

You would think that the best way to protect and seal is with a product made of the same stuff, right? Well, that’s the thing. Asphalt has some drawbacks, and the biggest one is that it is unstable when unprotected, and it breaks down in the great outdoors. Coaltar on the other hand is very water-resistant, and acts as a barrier to:

  • sun
  • salt
  • rain
  • fuel spills
  • and more!

It’s so durable that the Federal Aviation Association insists that it is used on airport runways. Is that not an excellent indicator of what the best asphalt sealer is?

What Are The Drawbacks To Using A Different Blacktop Sealer?

Putting aside the best product for the job, there are more reasons that asphalt emulsion products just aren’t as good for sealcoating. These products are so relatively new, that the way they are made is just not consistent or regulated. Companies keep trying to add chemicals to make the emulsions more stable, and improve them. However, this makes it unpredictable, from one manufacturer to another, and even from one batch to another!

Coaltar on the other hand, because it’s been around since the 1950’s, is really consistent. That’s just one reason it makes the best asphalt sealer. Another is that it has a much wider temperature range for curing properly. That means that a change in the weather isn’t going to slow down, or ruin, the blacktop sealing as much as it does with the other stuff.

I hope you have a clearer idea of why coaltar is the choice for asphalt professionals, and should be your choice too. With this very short article, we’ve given you the tools to understand why we use asphalt in the first place. It’s simply the best way to have a flexible topping over a rock-gravel base for the best roads, driveways, and parking lots. The drawback is the way it can’t stand up to the elements without having a protective coating. The strongest, and best sealant, is one that is highly resistant to the elements and fuel spills. Consistency and curing ability are the final two reasons coaltar is the best asphalt sealer.

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