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1000 Feet of Attention Ribbon


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1000 Feet of Attention Ribbon

Quick Overview

Cordon off your work areas with this easy-to-see yellow and black caution tape.

When performing asphalt sealcoating repair on parking lots and driveways, it’s important to make sure others passing by do not interfere with your work. Caution tape can help you create a visual barricade that blocks people from entering your work area. Use it to clearly mark hazardous conditions and prevent unnecessary accidents in your work zone. Keep the caution tape up until the asphalt sealcoating is completely dry to ensure the surface isn’t damaged by people walking across it too soon.

Our 1000 foot roll of caution tape is essential for all parking lot owners and asphalt sealcoating professionals. The bright black and yellow tape is easy to see from a distance, creating highly visible borders around your work area. The weatherproof polyethylene material holds up well under wet and windy conditions, ensuring you won’t need to constantly re-tape your work zone during adverse weather.

  • Bright yellow background with black letters for excellent visibility and readability
  • Easily stored and transported
  • 3 inches wide and 2.5 mm thick
  • Durable material will hold up for the duration of your job
  • Weatherproof
  • Non-adhesive for easy removal
  • Can be tied, stapled, or nailed in place
  • Great for preventing accidents and keeping others out of your work zone

The Bottom Line

This high-end Caution Tape is made of co-extruded polyethylene. It measures 3" x 1000', with a thickness of 2.5 mm to make it durable for the duration of your job.

Dimensions (Rolled up): 6" x 3"

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1000 Feet of Attention Ribbon A thousand feet of attention ribbon or caution tape to cordon off work areas that need to dry or set. Free shipping and sales tax. 1000-AR 1000 Feet of Attention Ribbon 30 Asphalt Kingdom