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AK Sealer Brush

Sealer Brush

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Asphalt sealer brush for hard to reach areas on residential or commercial properties.

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Regular cleaning and sealing will make your driveway last and the AK Sealer Brush is the right tool to spread your sealant evenly. When using the sealer brush, apply two thin coats instead of one heavy coat. Apply the first coat in one direction down the drive and the second coat across the drive. Cover small sections at a time with your sealer brush, working the sealant into the porous surface. Overlap your edges to avoid creating “seams.”

The synthetic fibers are durable and easy to clean. The squeegee on the other side creates a smooth finish and skims away any excess sealant as you work along the surface. The finished wooden handle is strong and comfortable and lasts much longer than plastic. This is the sealer brush for all your needs.

The Bottom Line

Use the tools the professionals use!

Our heavy-duty synthetic fiber sealer brush is perfect for applying driveway sealcoat and getting a smooth, professional finish.

Features a 6-foot handle with an 18-inch squeegee on one side and the brush on the other side.

AK Sealer Brush Free Shipping on Asphalt Kingdom's two-in-one sealer brush and squeegee! Heavy duty push-pull wooden power brush. AK00-SB4F AK Sealer Brush 55 Asphalt Kingdom
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