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Sealcoat edger

Sealcoat Edger

Regular Price: $349.00

Today’s Price: $299.00

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Sealcoat Edger

Quick Overview

One-Man Operation, No more overspray and Pays for Itself in No Time! A must have sealcoat edger tool for spraying sealer neatly.

Regular Price: $349.00

Today’s Price: $299.00

You no longer need someone holding up a piece of plywood or a blocker board to edge neatly while you're sealcoating!

Labor is expensive! Your resources should be doing more productive things for your asphalt maintenance projects rather than holding a board to protect asphalt borders.

"The sealcoat edger was a great investment for our sealcoat business. I can now be out selling more jobs while my partner is spraying entire jobs on his own and neatly too. My time was not best spent holding a board but instead selling jobs. Highly recommended for all people who spray sealer. Jeff - Sealcoat Plus, Houma LA"

Based upon valuable customer feedback we have calculated that it takes approximately 20 hours worth of edging to pay back this Sealcoat Edger investment. Most contractors do approximately 20 hours of edging in one month. Anything thereafter is pure profit.

Simply attach this light weight sealcoat edger to your spray wand and spray up close to building walls, garage doors, sidewalks, curbs or grass without getting messy overspray.

The 14-gauge aluminum sides on this edger act as a wind guard, allowing you to edge with your spray gun at a 45° angle without over-spraying.

  • One-person operation
  • Wind guard
  • Light weight
  • 14 gauge aluminum construction
  • Rubber squeegee

This time-saving tool will let you do one-man sealcoating jobs without hassle. The edger is lightweight, making it easy for one person to do all of the sealcoat edging fast. This is great for sealcoating contractors that do a lot of work on driveways and business parking lots. The sealcoat edger is versatile as well, letting you sealcoat the entirety of small asphalt pathways.

When it comes to one-person sealcoat edging, there are a few options. You can always pour out some sealer and apply it with a brush or squeegee, but you can end up with brush marks or uneven sealcoat application. If you use your sprayer without a blocker board, you risk overspray hitting the bottom of garage doors and walls, which damages your reputation for quality sealcoating jobs. Use this windguard sealcoating edger instead, so you can do your job professionally and quickly. There is also a rubber squeegee on one side of this tool, allowing you to create uniform edges.

Other edging tools can make you use more sealer than needed; by using a sprayer, you can apply just the right amount. The windshield on this tool blocks the wind for you automatically, and you don't have to worry about sudden gusts that disrupt your spray. Its portability also lets you sealcoat in less conventional areas and complete quick spraying jobs.

Construction 14 gauge aluminum
Weight 10 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 25" L x 14" W x 32" H
Sealcoat Edger One-Man Operation, No more overspray and Pays for Itself in No Time! A must have sealcoat edger tool for spraying sealer neatly. able-edger Sealcoat Edger 299 Asphalt Kingdom
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