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AK Transfer Kit (Pre-2017)

AK Transfer Kit (Pre-2017)


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AK Transfer Kit (Pre-2017)

Quick Overview

Transfer kit for spray systems built before 2017. Transfer sealer from 55 gallon drums or tanks.
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Use a transfer kit to make your sealcoating job easier Easily transfer sealcoat from 55-gallon drums or bulk tanks into your main system tank with the AK Transfer Kit. No mess, no waste…. The AK Transfer Kit makes quick work of what could be a dirty job. You simply attach the hose in the kit to your main system with the coupler, and fill your tank. When it’s full, uncouple and elevate the hose to empty any excess back into your drum. It's a contractor must-have!

Use this same kit to drain and transfer sealcoat from the main tank back into the drum for storage. If you’re planning to be away or have a break in your jobs, don’t let your sealant dry up or settle in your tank. Every 5 gallons you save means another driveway job done.

When you’re ready to store your Transfer Kit for next time, drain the hose, join the couplers on both ends together and you’re ready to go.

The Bottom Line

The Smart Transfer kit neatly transfers sealer from 55 gallon drums or from bulk tanks over to your main sealcoating spray system tank with no spillage or waste. The smart sealcoat transfer kit is compatible with most of our sealcoating spray systems. Please call 1-866-399-5562 to confirm that the transfer kit is compatible with your AK spray system.

Kit includes 15 feet of 2 inch hose with a barrel suction tube.

Weight 20 lbs

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AK Transfer Kit (Pre-2017) AK Sealcoat Transfer Kit makes it easy to transfer asphalt sealer to a sealcoating spray system. RK-HFA-0024 AK Transfer Kit (Pre-2017) 225 Asphalt Kingdom