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Cleaning Asphalt For Sealcoating Success: Don’t Miss This

Cleaning asphalt for sealcoating Billy Goat Grazor

Cleaning asphalt for sealcoating success is the single most important step you make. Here at Asphalt Kingdom we’re about more than just selling you the products, we want to ensure you excel at sealcoating. The key points to cleaning prep are:

  • Clear the edges
  • Clean all cracks
  • Scrub the surface
  • Remove oil stains

Why are these steps so important? Without having a clean surface, the sealcoating won’t adhere properly and your work will look shoddy and unprofessional.

Weeds and Grass must be removed. To protect the asphalt, remove all the grass and weeds especially around the edges. This is most efficiently done with a lawn edger. Remember, plants will break up asphalt, not just the sealcoating.

Clear loose debris from cracks. Cleaning asphalt for sealcoating includes removing debris from cracks. Use a long screwdriver or a wire brush to help you with this, or a gas blower is fast, easy and effective.

Scrub the surface thoroughly. Using a hose, scrub brush, or a pressure washer, thoroughly scrub the area to be sealcoated. All dirt and oil must be removed. Which brings us to:

Remove oil stains. Any oil left will eat away the asphalt, right underneath the sealcoat. Tough stains can be handled safely and easily with an oil stain remover.

As with every job, good prep work is essential. Cleaning asphalt for sealcoating success is the trademark for professional results.

In our next blog post, Asphalt Kingdom will cover the next step, asphalt crack repair.

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