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Cast Iron Pump Rebuild Kit

Cast Iron Pump Rebuild Kit

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Complete rebuild kit with impeller that works with sealcoating spray systems using horizontally-aligned pumps.

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Pump rebuild kit for sealcoating systemsReplace your sealant pump with our cast iron pump rebuild kit, complete with an impeller that works with sealcoating spray systems with horizontally-aligned pumps (our new systems have vertically-aligned pumps). The impeller efficiently agitates and propels your sealant from the tank for a consistently smooth delivery through the sprayer and onto the driveway or parking lot surface.

Cast iron is strong and durable as well as an excellent choice for use in compression applications. When manufactured, a protective film forms on the surface, making it resistant to corrosion and ideal for outdoor use. Working outside in the hot sun, or in colder environments, your sealant pump has to stand up to the elements.

You can’t afford to have broken parts, cracks or other operating failures while you’re out on the job. By replacing your current sealant pump with this cast iron pump rebuild kit, you can rely on it day after day without worry.

And… cast iron can be produced in intricate molds, so it’s possible to create more detailed designs that contribute to the overall quality of the parts. Because seams and welds are eliminated, cast iron parts avoid the fatigue that leads to damage over time.


Download and view our instruction manual here.

The Bottom Line

When it’s time to replace your pump, order our Cast Iron Pump Rebuild Kit, designed to last with minimal maintenance. This complete rebuild kit includes an impeller that works with all of our sealcoating spray systems.

Impeller Stuck?

The impellers can be brittle when removing and sometimes stick. You normally pry from 2 sides at the same time. Heat might help loosen up the dried up sealer that might have it stuck to the shaft but the best thing would be to purchase the solvent cleaner that will loosen the impeller prior to removing.

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