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Drum Mixer

Drum Mixer


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Drum Mixer

Quick Overview

This 46" drill mixer extension allows you to mix your sealer neatly and prep for application.

Mixes 55-Gallon Drums of Sealer

Mix your sealer to incorporate solids before sealcoatingHow are you mixing your sealer when you’re ready to start a job? Stop looking around for a broom handle or paddle to mix the material. This Drill Extension Mixer saves you time and money by eliminating down-time and mixing your sealer right in the 55-gallon drum. You’ll get a more uniform and thorough mix than stirring by hand and it’s so much faster.

It’s important to have a uniform consistency so the sealant flows smoothly through your sprayer with minimal clogs and waste. This affordable drum mixer makes ensures you get that even flow, is easy to clean and small enough to store anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Stop stirring by hand. Mix your sealer easily and quickly, right in the drum and get a more uniform result using this drill extension Drum Mixer. Save time and money as you prep for the next job.

  • Cast aluminum paddle 8-1/2" x 5" deep
  • 7/16" steel shaft works in slow speed 1/2" drill
  • Designed to hold up through rugged use
  • Weight: 3 lbs
Height 46 inches
Paddle Width 8.5 inches
Paddle Depth 5 inches

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Drum Mixer No wasting time looking for wooden sticks to mix your sealer. This drum mixer gives you faster, more evenly agitated sealer every time. Fast Canadian shipping. RC-FAB-0074 Drum Mixer 111 Asphalt Kingdom