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Filter Kit for Sealcoating Spray System

Filter Kit


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  • Filter Kit for Sealcoating Spray System Filter Kit for Sealcoating Spray System

Filter Kit

Quick Overview

Durable Filter Kit for AK130, AK230 and AK330 Sealcoating Spray Systems
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Use this filter kit for optimal results when spraying asphalt sealant material. It offers a leak-free housing and a mesh filter that fits inside the housing. This filter kit keeps your asphalt sealant from clogging the nozzles in your sprayer, yielding a smoother, more uniform coating and a therefore, a better outcome.

Because the mesh filter prevents a build-up of material, it also makes clean-up a breeze. The ends of the housing can be removed for easy access to the filter for cleaning and maintenance Also, an on/off switch is integrated into the spray housing for convenient control during the application.

This Filter Kit is designed for the AK 130, AK230, and AK330 Spray Systems manufactured from 2017 to today.

The Bottom Line

This optional filter kit for our sealcoating spray systems includes a 12" mesh filter and a set of 2"camlock couplers for easy filter cleaning. Get great results and save time on clean-up.

Dimensions 12" x 12" x 4"
Weight 4 lbs

Expanded view of the filter kit

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Filter Kit Sealcoating spray system filter that works with any of the Asphalt Kingdom sealcoating spray systems. RA-FIT-0060 Filter Kit 149 Asphalt Kingdom