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Cast Iron Pump (pump only)

Sealcoating Pump and Engine

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Upgrade or replace your sealcoating pump with this durable cast iron pump.

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Upgrade or replace your existing sealcoating pump with this durable, cast iron pump. Cast iron provides very good vibration damping, can be easily cast into precision parts and resists corrosion. This pump lends itself very well to mobile equipment because of its compact size and ability to withstand outdoor elements.

Minimizing any downtime, our cast iron pump is easy to service and the parts are readily available. Also, this pump not only activates your sprayer, but also recirculates and agitates the material, keeping it stirred while you spray. That means a consistently smooth operation with minimal clogging. And, it can develop plenty of pressure at the spray tip for most any application.

These cast iron pumps are durable, affordable and effective and preferred by many professionals and for home use as well. The molding process produces precision parts and eliminates unnecessary seams which can lead to fatigue and damage over time. This manufacturing process results in better designs and contributes to improved overall quality, which means your entire sealcoat investment will last a long time.

The Bottom Line

Use this cast iron pump to replace or upgrade the exiting sealcoating pump on your sprayer. It’s durable, affordable and compact enough for mobile equipment and resists corrosion from outside elements. The impeller continually mixes the material as you spray, develops plenty of pressure and is easily serviced.

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